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From Autumn 2008 Issue

A Service, The First Of Its Kind, On Remembrance Sunday

‘God Willing’ I shall be leading a short and dignified service – as mentioned in the previous newsletter – at the animals’ war memorial in close proximity to Hyde Park, along Park Lane, and rather near to the Dorchester Hotel. This will be a dignified act of Christian witness to commence at 10.30am prompt; and following the 2 minutes silence at opportunity will be given to present and lay flowers, with a possible brief word or two.

Selective compassion is never enough. While at the Whitehall cenotaph, and throughout the whole of the UK, humans will rightly be remembered; here adjacent to Hyde Park the animals will be remembered at the same time as well! ‘They had no choice’; and God has called us as humans to be their guardians; to exercise a caring and compassionate dominion and stewardship over them. Indeed, it is to the shame of the churches that this remembrance of the animals on Remembrance Sunday will be – certainly for so called: ‘animal loving Britain!’ – the very first of its kind.

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