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From Spring 2009 Issue

Batteries For Babes, Or ‘Mother Love’

So ‘free!’ nurseries are to be extended with younger children being admitted, from the age of two!! Such is the latest legacy of New Labour. Surely, a heartless political system, which already discourages marriage through tax incentives favourable for ‘living over the brush’! This is the party which would have children reared ‘battery style’ in communal establishments rather than receive time and love during a youngster’s most formative years of life. Such heartlessness could make one weep because those years of potential ‘mother love’ are irretrievable. Once gone, they are lost forever!

The old saying has it: ‘behind every great man is a great woman!’ Yes, and methinks more often than not, it has been that child’s mother! Was it not so with Christ Himself? Mary did not always understand her son, but she loved Him all the way to Calvary’s cross. Rudyard Kippling must have known it when he wrote:

If I were hung on the highest cross, mother O mine, mother O mine.

I know whose love would follow me still, mother O mine, mother O mine

But tragically, New Labour has downgraded the complementary roles of motherhood and fatherhood through encouraging – and, indeed, making it almost obligatory! – for both to use the house as more akin to a secular dormitory rather than a sanctified home. Has not this brought about a culture of ‘latch key’ youngsters who’ve been deprived of both mother love as well as fatherly discipline? Such youngsters are worthy of much pity, and are not to be condemned a fraction as much as the seculat state which belittles the soul while it bloats the head: a lethal combination indeed!

You may well receive this Newsletter just after having celebrated Mother’s Day? Well, it’s a long time since mothers were respected as they were during World War Two!. That was a time when vacuum cleaners were few, and washing machines fewer still. Mums scrubbed, struggled and toiled to make ends meet. They were, however, most gifted homemakers; being as protective of their brood as a free-range hen that gathers its chicks under her wings!.

No wonder such mums were so dearly loved and, indeed, idolised! Songs were written about them, ranging from ‘Little old lady passing by’; the final verse of which read: ‘You’re just like that little old lady I hold dear to me’ Yes, to that other song: ‘To Mother With Love!’ a verse of which reads ‘that wrinkled face that I love best must never be sad!’ Well, dear reader, I don’t know about you but I thank my God for the memory of such a far off Mum,: now with Jesus. My mother was not only one who had tea prepared, a warm fire and a smile that melted the heart as I returned from school, but she was also the: one who knelt down with me nightly at one’s bedside. Yes, teaching me how to pray; as well as how to live.

The past founders of our Reformed and Protestant faiths did a great disservice in over reacting to the heightened place that Mary held in the medieval church. They didn’t ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’; I sense they threw out its mother! The greatest mother of all time may not have been without human weaknesses. She didn’t always understand her eldest offspring. She sometimes clashed with Him, even once considering Him to be ‘beside himself!’. She received a gentle rebuke at times from Him, and needed a Saviour just like the rest of us. But, at the last, when all others had forsaken Our Lord: ‘there stood by the cross of Jesus, Mary His mother’. Yes, she’d made the difficult journey down from Galilee as a poor widow! And, as a spear was thrust in to her Son’s heart, a sword foretold, seemed plunged in her own. Well, I pray that today our modern mums might come to their senses and follow the example of the greatest home maker of all history: the poor and struggling young maid from the backwoods of Galilee who is now movingly revered and adored as The Queen Of Heaven.

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