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From Summer 2009 Issue

Could it be one of the harlot’s daughters?

Two visitors from Kingdom Hall – Jehovah’s witnesses! – affirmed that the harlot on seven hills had ecumenical daughters worldwide! Ah well, taking such interpretation on a humorous vane – and for what they are exegetically worth? -, I wonder if my dear old C. Of E .could happen to be one of them? Well one thing is sure: Anglicanism - a numerically smaller section of Christendom than Romanism - also should find little to boast about. In fact it has been as changeable as the wind and as two faced as John Bunyan’s ‘Mr Facing Two Ways’. Doreen and I were both the innocent parties of a divorce, yet the Church – because of its laws at that time – was unable to marry us. We had a Civil marriage instead! Well, how strange that the same Denomination today marries just about all types. Yes, and the Archbishop Of Wales - believe it or not! - not only agrees to so many divorced folk being married in church, but to ‘Gays’ being married as well. In fact, he sees no reason why the latter types should not become future bishops as well as priests. Well, what a contrast to the 1960s when biblically termed Sodomy and legally termed Buggery frequently resulted in harsh prison sentences as well as excommunication. Incidentally, I find that modern colloquialism ‘Gay’ as insulting and inaccurate to literature and language as is the even more recent term ‘You guys’ when addressed to ladies.

In those comparatively safe and secure days of my gay twenties, using the orifice of defecation as a substitute for that of the God ordained birth channel, was not only viewed as carnal lust frequently associated with perverted strangers in filthy toilets – and often going home to infect their wives! - but as nothing less than ‘mortal sin’! Well, what a contrast to today’s no longer permissive society but, indeed, its blatantly pernicious one! Yes, to such an extent that branches of the Anglican church in both the USA and the UK have become, morally, as far removed from New Testament ethics as the moon is from cheese! Indeed, while Catholicism, with all its short comings, rigidly and rightly opposes unmarried couples from adopting children, branches of Anglicaniism give their blessing to a mixture of sexual deviants having young and extremely vulnerable children permanently under their roofs; backed by Social Services, to be the experimental pawns of same sex couples. Well, rather than ever blame genes as responsible, Jesus made his own verdict clear ( Matthew 18:2-7 ).

The above prevalent permissiveness may indeed, delight a crooked, ‘Politically Correct’ system of moral bankruptcy - where freedom of opinion (herewith expressed) is increasingly being curtailed! But, thankfully, such a liberal branch of Anglicanism as that which commends such moral laxity is dying on its feet: through offering ‘stones in place of bread’. Indeed, to substitute the Christian virtues of self-denial, Christian discipline and moral restraint for that of giving full vent to the feelings within ones ‘genes’ is lethal. It is to end up in the squalor, mess and quagmire that New Labour has thrust upon a once, largely, God fearing nation.

Yes, there is a great deal to be said for a return to Bible based Evangelicalism: a movement that bridges so many denominational barriers; and, as it expands I hold but ONE criticism of the same: a large one! it practically excludes the whole animal creation from outside its own orb of care, concern and compassion. It quite unashamedly and falsely implies that the Good Shepherd is not at all concerned about real sheep; that the One who was also referred to as lamb of God is only concerned about ‘spiritually lost and wayward humans. It would infer that literal sheep had no more value than to be bred for human monetary benefit, clothing and carnivorous consumption – especially in the form of Sunday roast after Morning Prayer or Sung Holy Communion!.

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