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From Spring 2010 Issue

Sanhedrins do not change their spots

As for the poor animals, the form of intensive breeding of sheep and exploitation of cows is a thorough disgrace. Veterinarians employed by the government, give their approval to forms of animal exploitation, which are utterly sick. And now I find that not only are we in the UK evidently forced by EU stipulation to provide and permit the ritual slaughter of conscious animals; but New Labour was also allowed to continue, indefinitely, with the inhumane battery incarceration of birds. And should you dare to refer to such horrendous breeding establishments as animal Belsens, then you could have the Jewish Sanhedrin for the UK coming down upon you like a ton of bricks. Yes, like I experienced when simply comparing animal experimentation upon laboratory animals as having similarities to Nazi scientists who conducted lawful experiments on Jews and many other defenceless victims in medical blocks of their concentration camps..

It was the Sanhedrin for Palestine that brought about the crucifixion of Jesus! When its’ comparatively recent British counterpart denounced me around ten years ago – a retired bishop of Salisbury supporting them! – I felt I knew what it was to be betrayed by a colleague. Ah, but then Jesus’s presence became very real. He’d experienced similar. Well in fact it was far worse!

Mind you, I sense that Jewish indifference to animal suffering - and also their deep offence at my analogy - was to be expected considering the way their consciences have been desensitized through their perpetual practice of ritual slaughter down the centuries!. What is more, with due respects, a society or race, must sooner or later reap the kind of treatment it sows. Other faiths refer to this as the law of Karma, while Christianity refers to it as reaping what one has sown. The Buddhists might term it reincarnation in to a lower life; I think Jesus would have referred to it as entering the hell He warned us to avoid at all costs.

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