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From Spring 2010 Issue

Enticing Them In To Their Satanic Snare

Labour’s Science minister Lord Drayton – writing quite recently in the Daily Telegraph - sought to convey the impression that in Oxford chimpanzees are no longer confined to small inhumane cages waiting to be experimented on. Great strides have been made in the sense that many of them are free to play in spacious places where swings and miniature pools are available for them.. Indeed, a bond is frequently encouraged whereby the animals are won over to view the ‘scientific’ experimenters as their friends and almost playmates. They then come, quite willingly, forward ‘to be experimented on’, which is much more preferable than having to seize them before being clamped or injected. Such, of course, are not Lord Drayton’s literal words but very much the gist behind much of the article he wrote. Well, getting innocent and vulnerable life to trust you, so as to horribly abuse them, is diabolical and certainly not new!

All I would say is that these latest techniques are along the methods of their ‘predecessors in a similar field.’ Yes in far off Germany of the war years!. The names of two were Mengele and Eichman. One of these would drive in to the children’s area of a concentration camp, pip the horn of his flashy, open sports car and invite children to ride around with him. This way they learned to trust him, looking upon him as a kindly uncle. He would then, at a later date, gently inoculate them and then the fiendish experiments would follow..

Such folk as Eichman, Mengele, and countless others, were not sadists in the minds of their fellow Nazis, but rather medical men of distinction whose objectives were backed and approved by their government; and this was because the outcome of such experimentation was thought to benefit the medical health of future Germany. At least, that’s how they rationalised such horrendous evil. Yes, and only an ignoramus would fail to see the likeness of such past barbarity with recent New Labour condoned vivisection. We have yet to see how our new Coalition Government reacts and responds. I only know that the past regime claimed to be ‘animal friendly!’

One thing I have no doubt about is that if such evils had been denounced by church leaders, with a warning given that ‘what we sow in this life is what we’ll reap in the next’, then laboratory animal abusers would be drastically reduced in number. Regrettably, however, there are far too many hypocrites in the churches who – especially if they are to be flattered or remunerated financially – would assure such emissaries of Satan that they need fear no futire punishment. “My dear man, just accept Jesus!” or “Dear man, just offer a prayer of contrition and I’ll give you the last rites!” Well, what balderdash! The truth is that a future Hell of existence awaits those who have made hell for the vulnerable and innocent here and now, and Vivisectors – along with all other animal abusers - need to be told this. “If you sow to the wind then be prepared to reap the whirlwind”

Why do some forms of life have to endure the existence of a creature crawling and scuttling under a stone, and petrified of the next turn, while we as humans live in affluent homes enjoying delicacies, air travel and mod cons? I’ll tell you why! What we sow in one form of existence is what we’ll reap in the next. Yes, and possibly ad infinitum - until ‘weary of reaping what we’ve sown’, we at last surrender to Christ no more choosing to voluntarily rebel.

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