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From Winter 2010 Issue

Boiling Lobsters While Praising Jesus!

Decades later, while in my last Scottish parish, several ‘fish wives’ who viewed my animal welfare services as quite disdainful – especially as I blest beasties! - were employed in the task of boiling lobsters alive. While the poor creatures struggled to get out of the lids of the lobster pots coming to the boil, this specific brand of ‘born again’ believers might well have been speaking about the blessings of The Lord. Yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t, while in such an occupation, sing ‘Rescue the perishing’, ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’ or ‘When all thy mercies …’. Yes, such are the hypocritical fruits of some of yesterdays and some of today’s evangelical brand of ‘Christian!’. Such morally distorted and blinkered folk are amongst those who claim, in arrogance, to ‘know the Lord’ when in reality they deny Him!’

Mind you, those of the above paragraph are not alone: much of the traditional fruits of Catholicism – especially as witnessed in Latin countries - stink to high heaven. Debauched and gluttonous priests will still be found this Christmastide sacrilegiously offering grace over intensively reared fowl before gorging themselves with all but, possibly, the entrails of the same. Talk about Christian vegetarianism to such father confessors and they’ll look at you nonplussed. They hardly know the meaning of the term and will probably brand you as some kind of a way out crank.

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