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From Spring 2011 Issue

Dare To Be A Vegetarian Activist As Was Daniel!

Yes, the Old Testament book of Daniel narrates the courage and devotion of a true man of God, Daniel refused to eat the king’s meat and ‘so stirred up the people of influence’ that he was cast in to a fiery furnace. However, Daniel trusted in God and, consequently, he was not left alone there. The presence of a Pre incarnate Christ was there and not a scorch was found on the body of that fearless prophet. Indeed, a similar protection was conferred upon his friends. It’s an Old Testament book well worth reading and brings to my memory the following hymn reminiscent of those services attended 60 decades ago in Newcastle’s Salvation Army citadel:

Standing by a purpose true; heeding God’s command
Honour them: those faithful few: ‘all hail’ to Daniel’s band!
Dare to be as Daniel! Yes dare to stand alone!
Dare to have a purpose firm and dare to make it known

Aren’t those words wonderful? Well, we need Daniels for God today, as never before. Are you and I prepared to be such? If we are, then there is no need to ever be afraid of the scorn, sniggers and snipes of man, because:

The hosts of God encamp around the dwellings of the just.
Deliverance He affords to all who on His succour trust.
Oh make but trial of His love. Experience will decide
how blest are they, and only they, who in His truth confide

Oh I must admit – without fear of repeating myself! - that I find more Daniels for our animal cause amongst the fairer sex than amongst my own sex. I think of Judi Hewitt of Wales confronting, single-handed, the sick and twisted tally Ho hunting mobs without fear because God and righteousness are on her side. I see Norma Benney in Provence protesting against KFC outside her village cinema! I have wonderful memories of Lillian Buckner lying in protest at Dover, defying animal transporter drivers from driving over her. I think of dear Vickie Moore dying later of injuries due to jumping in to a bullring so as to get close up shots of the horrendous suffering the demented creature was undergoing.. Yes, she died as a martyr for our cause at a later date. And let us not forget that earlier martyr Jill Phipps of Coventry who died under the wheel of a lorry; her mum watching on helpless as her daughter breathed her last few breaths.

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