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From Spring 2011 Issue

A Horrendous Abuse Of Greyhounds In Godís Emerald Isle!

It never seems to end! Twelve years ago Doreen and I visited the region of Lough Derg to bless a sanctuary opened by another female spiritual giant. Johanne Vothke of Germany! This gem of a lady had opened up a haven for animals either rescued or thrown out after being unable to run on the race tracks! Well, it appears as if Ė over twelve years on! - that conditions for greyhounds in this Free State could even get worse! Iíve learned from most reliable sources that greyhounds no longer fit for racing are to be sold to countries such as The Peopleís Republic Of China. Yes - not only to be possibly raced until they drop from exhaustion Ė but now to be used as meat for human consumption via slaughtering methods of downright cruelty which beggar belief.

Where Oh where is the spirit of St Francis within the Christian communities of Ireland? Have they all become mute because big money is involved? Talk about the scripture: ĎThe love of money is the root of all evilí; well it certainly is when the authorities within the Irish Government stifle their consciences for the sake of it! The good people of Eire must have been nurtured in a strange kind of spiritual environment when they feel guilt ridden for factors like having practised birth control or having missed a mass; yet can condone and perpetuate appalling animal cruelty without a twinge of conscience!

Well, may the good folk of those shores never forget that Our Lord identified His character with that of a good shepherd prepared to lay down his life for one wandering sheep, and that he had little if any time for those religious leaders of His day who picked out moral midges while they swallowed moral camels whole! Well, but for the grace of God, we too could have been born as one of these exploited greyhounds. Instead, we have been born Ė this time round? - into the intended Guardian species. However, let us never forget our Precious Lordís warning: ĎTo whom most has been given, from them the most will be required on judgment dayí.

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