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Winter 2011

Don’t Blame Royalty But Those Who Advise Them!

I’m constantly reminded of the appalling example some top royalty set concerning blood sports. Well I would only say that they are as much the victims of brainwashing and conditioning from an early age as the rest of us. Those who can get in to close proximity with them so as to mould young pliable minds along Christ like channels are literally non-existent. Spiritual and moral advisers to ‘the elite’ of our nation are rare specimens indeed.

For myself, having in the far past met the combined church council of Royal Deeside, and given such a warm welcome by them, I got no further! Returning from a chapel attached to a hunting lodge, the respective bishop wanted my further opinions about animal rights activities for which I’d become quite well known in Yorkshire. Indeed, he tried to assure me that he had much sympathy with what I’d endeavoured to convey; but then he equally offered the post to a fellow candidate, even though one was to learn around three months later - via a most responsible source - that the combined church council had given the preference to myself.

On another occasion, when the Queen Mother had been rushed in to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, when I was the senior Episcopal Chaplain there, the same Bishop hardly felt it appropriate that I should visit her; though neither did he visit her himself! “You’ll be lucky to get near” he said: “She may well have her own chaplains at close quarters” were his remarks. Yes, and of course such words could have had some truth in them. The fact is that those who crawl round royalty by hook or by crook – bishops ones included! – are not the type to mould impressionable minds in royal circles along truly virtuous and Christ like lines. They have been so conciliatory and flattering in order to hobnob with aristocracy of most kinds that, rather then oppose instances such as blood sports, they will most probably chose to go out of their way to excel in such things. Yes, so as to curry favour and likeability for themselves.

Indeed, the above types are reflective of a former bishop who became equivalent in the Scottish Episcopal church to an Anglican archbishop in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. At a conference in Edinburgh when he said that ‘bishops could hardly speak up for animals in the church; but that if enough of the laity would, then the bishops would undoubtedly support them!’ I well and truly received his wrath on replying. I stated that bishops carrying shepherds crooks were there to set the example in leading the flock (in true eastern imagery) and not to follow!. Well though the meeting had been inaugurated under the expertise of a charismatic Clive Hollands, I was forbidden to speak again at the meeting; though I did indeed receive support, claps and commendation from a May Tripp of ‘Animal Christian Concern’.

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