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Summer 2012

How, can marriages between ‘Gays’ be consummated?

Well, dear Reader and fellow Christian, I do hope that I have not been in any way too scything of our major churches in what I have written. Indeed, I do realise that there are ‘top priority’ factors they wish to address. For example, in Anglicanism, there are the never ending problems concerning many women in short hair wanting to be bishops; and of equal importance, clergy such as our Archbishop Of Wales and the Dean Of St Albans pushing for full acknowledgment of ‘Gay’ marriages. But, indeed, how such can be ‘consummated’ I would really like to know. Two men, I can appreciate, can endeavour to do it via one inserting his appropriate member up the others ‘orifice of defecation and flatus’; Hardly the most hygienic of practices and surely one of carnal lust and fornication than one of Christian love and fidelity! (e.g: Coloss: 3: 5-10)  But how two women together can consummate their union, without artificial aid coming between, quite intrigues me. Perhaps the prominent Anglican clerics touched upon, who support such unions as being no bar whatsoever to either the priesthood - or, indeed, the episcopacy! - would give us the answer?  I, for one, would like to know!
However, reverting to Catholicism, surely the worst thing of all is the medical profession aborting so many badly deformed foetuses! Why so many of these factual ‘freaks’ should not be allowed to be later born, and then be a colossal burden to others – as well as a literal living hell to themselves! - is something that ‘holy mother church’ just cannot understand. To her – just as with every case of euthanasia - there are no exceptions allowed. Abortion is always classed as murder, whether it be on a brain damaged foetus or the future potential child of a mother starving of poverty and malnutrition!  This Church, as I see it – and I’m open to be corrected! - fails to grasp that the abuse of a practice – of which there are sadly many! - is no justification, whatsoever, for its humane, often most compassionate and legitimate use.

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