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Winter 2013

The Meaning Of Advent and Past Church Blatant Hypocrisy!

One refers to Our Saviour’s First Coming.  This was as a babe born in Bethlehem’s manger. It being the will of His Father in Heaven that His Son be born in a stable amongst animals, and that the announcement of His bierth should be singled out to one type of people. That is Shepherds protecting their flocks by night. Indeed, it was a most fitting message as Jesus – God’s only begotten Son – should be born amongst those whose character He would actualise over thirty years later. Remember how He then said: “I am as a good shepherd; one willing to risk or forfeit one’s life in order to rescue but one solitary animal that has goine astrayt” Indeed, He also made it clear that as His followers our own characters should reflect his own!

Yes, something that present day, blinkered Christendom, fully fails to acknowledge. Then the greater must be its condemnation at the day of judgment! And as for those at the top of Ecclesiastical structures, well I’ve just been listening – via Utube – to that moving song: ‘The Flowers Of France’. Yes, about a young Willie Mc Bride - who typified thousands more on both sides of the supposed ‘War To End All Wars!’  Indeed, to think that literally thousands of casualties were ‘Christians’ spurred on by both sides – Via Chaplains – ‘to go out and kill’, revealed the depravity and blatant hypocrisy of so much organised religion. The Popes who reigned during both World Wars could – at the very least - have forbidden Catholic to kill fellow Catholic!  But ‘afraid, for their own safety’, if they spoke out, they remained mute.

Is it any wonder that the only group of people that Jesus openly sleigted in no uncertain terms were the religious leaders: the blind leaders of the blind?  One thing is sure: I’d hate to be in their shoes when ‘the lowly and lovely Jesus of Nazareth’ returns with his angels. Yes, for He repeatedly made it clear that there is, undoubtedly, a future conscious Hell to avoid at all
costs, as well as a glorious new Heaven to strive for.  So we need to be sure as to what side we are on, and where we are heading.   Such is basically the purpose of the season of Advent.

Spiritually, Christ Jesus comes to us in this age in so many ways. However, our interests are so side tracked by daily fleeting trivia that we fail to hear or feel his knocking at the door of our hearts! Yet, to those who do, and invite Him in, spiritually a completely new dimension opens up, leading to so many saying: “One thing I know, that whereas I was blind, now I can see!” Some call it: ‘having seen the light!” Others call it being Saved! Or being ‘Born Again!’.

For those who know the briefest about Christianity the theme of Advent concerns how Jesus will come again. Not to be mocked and abused, but to judge this evil world, rewarding the good with life hereafter in a renewed Heaven and earth. Yes, and to cast in to hell those who have wilfully sold their souls to Satan for money, popularity and worldly ambition. Such a time will include cataclysmic events previously unknown and, somehow, I sense that appalling nuclear mishaps will be but the beginning of such final days for planet earth.  Yes, but for true followers of The One Who Styled Himself: the Good Shepherd - prepared to risk life and limb in rescuing an animal in distress - the theme of Advent is a most welcoming one.

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