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We Pray For Animals Raced Here At Aintree On The Occasion Of The Grand National  

Heavenly Father, teach us all to realise that a racing pastime, which is proven to cause: psychological suffering, physical maiming or - far too often – a premature and painful death to vulnerable and defenceless animals is utterly unworthy of the name Sport!

Lord in Your mercy
Hear our prayer

Dear Lord, teach us to realise that to ‘persistently push’ such creatures as to have them jumping new heights and bridging unforeseen spans on the other side – factors so frequently beyond their capacity! - is callous, cruel and utterly contrary to all compassion and care. Yes, a barbaric practice unworthy of a place within a ‘so called’ civilised society

Lord in Your mercy
Hear our prayer

We pray especially this day for the success and wonderful work of Tony Moore’s organisation: Fight All Animal Cruelty In Europe, (and we are aware of his late wife who gave her life for this cause (& I believe that Vickie is looking down upon us in encouragement today!). We also remember the work of Animal Aid; Our Friends From Liverpool, North Wales Animal Rights, Christians Against All Animal Abuse, and many more. . Indeed, may each of these see fruits for their labour! Yes, and most of all, the complete cessation and closure of all animal racing from here at Aintree

Lord in Your mercy
Hear our prayer

Accept these prayers Father in the Name of Jesus Christ your Son who called Himself ‘The Good Shepherd’ and thereby identified His character with that of far off Eastern shepherds prepared to risk and probably forfeit their own lives, in the cause and protection of ‘mere’ animals entrusted to their care. For them, Dear Father, we realize that the species was one of sheep. For us today here in Aintree, it is one of horses*!


* ‘The ‘underlying message’ of Jesus Christ is the same: human beings should be loving guardians and faithful stewards over life which is more vulnerable than our own. The stronger are here to protect the weaker, rather than to ever exploit and abuse them! What a wonderful world this would be if Christians, and their churches, followed the teaching and example of Christ’ - J.T.

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