Animal Writes
6 January 1999 Issue

New Year's Resolutions For You And Your Pet

New Year's Resolutions For You And Your Pet

Here are 10 New Year's resolutions for you and your pet:

1. Lose some weight. The latest veterinary statistic revealed that 80 percent of
all dogs and cats in households are overweight. Obesity shortens the life of your
pets, so the decision is yours.

2. Exercise. Not only do most pets need to go on a diet, but they also need more
exercise. Walk your dog at least five times a week. Buy a bottle of bubbles and
have your cat chase and jump at the bubbles. This is loads of exercise for your
cat and will provide a good chuckle for you, also.

3. Vaccinate your pets annually and give heartworm preventative to your cat and
dogs. Preventative medicine is always less expensive in the long run.

4. Share your pet with others. Take your dog or cat to a local nursing home and
let the residents enjoy your pet. This is a very rewarding experience you will really
enjoy. But check with the homes about their regulations.

5. Consider your neighbors. Don't let your dog bark for hours.

6. Take safety precautions. Always walk your pet on a leash. Never let it roam
the neighbors yard.

7. Give your pet a home checkup at least once or twice a week. Check your
pet's eyes, ears, skin and general attitude.

8. Invest in obedience training. You can't imagine how much more you will enjoy
your pet if he or she is properly trained. [Editor's note: Training based on positive
reinforcement is fun for both you and your dog.]

9. Pet-proof your home. Keep your medicine and food up and away from your
pets. Nosey pets will get into candy left on the coffee table or your medication on
the bed stand. Pretend your pets are like 2 year old children and take the same

10. Love your pet. There are too many pets put in the back yard and forgotten
about. Remember, there is a responsibility to owning a pet. There is not a pet in
this world that doesn't like a rub on the head or a pat on the back. Give your pet
some attention on a regular basis. It is great for the pet and good for your blood
pressure. Your pet will surely listen well, not talk back, always be glad to see you
and love you more than you will know.

Source: Tampa Tribune - Baylife at Home - Page 7
January 2, 1999

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