Animal Writes
24 March 1999 Issue
An ARO Personal Story

My daughter, the one who says, "People who eat meat are stinky-heads!"
caused another stir at her daycare today. When I went to pick her up, her
teacher took me aside to discuss what happened at lunch. Apparently, the
other children were being served Salisbury Steak and they brought in some
cheese for Caitlin. The other kids also wanted to eat the cheese and not the
"steak," but it was explained to them that Caitlin was a vegetarian and that is
why she didn't eat meat. My daughter then took the opportunity to address the
entire group of kids and tell them that eating meat was a very bad thing, being a
vegetarian was healthy, and that eating meat would kill them all! The teachers
tried to tell the kids that meat was healthy, but apparently my daughter, all of
four years old, shouted them down! The teacher was concerned that the other
kids were upset about what Caitlin said, and also concerned that Caitlin would
be upset when they said meat was healthy. I told the teacher that Caitlin was
absolutely right, but I could understand her position and recommended that if
they wanted to tell the children that meat was healthy, which I stressed it
absolutely was NOT, that they do so outside my daughters presence -- not
because it would upset her, but because they'd get another repeat of her
shouting them down!

Can you tell I'm REALLY proud of my daughter... :-)

Deb Wolusky
Osan AB, Korea
Email: [email protected]

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