Animal Writes
7 April 1999 Issue

Circus Life

What's wrong with circuses? Why are animal rights activists trying to ruin the
fun of young and old alike? Circuses are a tradition, why stop them now?

Here are just a few of the reasons:
* Circus animals are forced to travel thousands of miles for 48-50 weeks every
year, freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.
* Circus animals often live in their small transportation cages, and are let out only
when performing.
* Performing animals are prisoners that have committed no crime. They spend
95% of their lives shackled in chains.
* Performing animals are trained with steel rods, whips, muzzles, electric prods,
and paw burning.
* Elephants live 30 years longer in the wild than they do in captivity.
* Since 1990, over 35 people have been killed and 100 have been injured by
captive elephants that have become tired of the abuse they are suffering.
* These animals endure constant stress through confinement, lack of exercise,
months of traveling, and climate changes.
* On January 8th, 1998 a Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey (RBBB) animal
trainer was mauled by a tiger. After the incident the trainers brother shot the
tiger 5 times with a shotgun while it was in a cage. Another trainer with Ringling
was attacked in November of '98.
* Since 1990, 16 people have been killed and 59 have been injured by captive
* Many performing animals develop stress related disorders such as bar biting,
continuous pacing, and self mutilation.
* A USDA inspector observed a RBBB elephant handler hitting an elephant to
make it standup.
* On January 25th, 1998 a baby elephant with RBBB circus died after being
forced to perform in 3 shows while he was sick. Ringling was fined by the USDA
because of this incident.
* Henry Ringling North, previous owner of RBBB stated, "All sorts of other
brutalities are used to force them to respect the trainer and learn their tricks.
They work for fear."
* The captive nature of circus animals provides no educational value. The circus
environment is too artificial to teach us the true nature of these animals.

Sounds like the circus should be renamed - The Cruelest Show on Earth

For more information, see the Richmond Animal Rights Network's website:

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