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18 August 1999 Issue

Kids and Teens Can Help Animals
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When you're a kid or a teenager, it may seem impossible to make a difference. But that's far from the truth! Here are ways that you can help animals.

1. ALWAYS cut the plastic ring things that hold 6-packs of sodas together. When these aren't cut, animals can get them caught around their neck or mouth, resulting in death. If you find any of these that aren't cut, cut them so there are no holes!

2. Adopt a cat or a dog from your local animal shelter. Most of these animals are put to sleep due to not enough homes for all of them. By buying one from a pet store, you're making one less potential home for an animal in desperate need of one.

3. Donate a dollar to an animal shelter or rescue organization.

4. Volunteer in an organization that helps animals, such as a wildlife rescue or rehabilitation center, somewhere that takes care of animals that will never be able to survive in the wild, or an animal shelter.

5. Pick up garbage in your community.

6. If you find an orphaned, injured, or sick animal bring it to a wildlife rescue center.

7. If you see a cat watching birds with a hungry eye, scare the birds away.

8. Build a birdhouse and put it in a tree.

9. Build a birdhouse specially designed for an endangered species.

10. Don't feed wild animals such as deer and squirrels. They may enjoy it, but if too many people feed them they become dependent on that food, and when winter comes and they're on their own, they're unable to fend for themselves. Human food can also be very bad for them.

11. Make signs telling people how they can help save the rainforest, why they should adopt an animal, to boycott ivory, or anything else they can do to help animals. The list of possibilities to put up signs goes on and on...

12. Boycott ivory, fur, and anything coming from an endangered animal.

13. If you disagree with something someone or a company is doing concerning animals, make a petition, get a lot of people to sign it, and send it to whomever you're objecting to.

14. Write letters of complaint, support, or suggestions to businesses or people who can do something about it.

15. You may have noticed that frogs, toads, and newts are disappearing from your community. Or you may have found some deformed ones. This is happening all over the world and scientists don't know why! Help them find out by adopting a frog pond or reporting on the frogs in your area.

16. Become a vegetarian. By doing this you can save the lives of over 2,000 animals and improve your health!

17. Boycott products that test on animals, as this is very cruel, unnecessary, and isn't required by law.

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