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24 September 2000 Issue

By [email protected]

I have always loved animals of all kind, cat, dogs, farm animals, birds, squirrels, horses, all animals. I always cared about animals, but did not know about all the inhumane treatment of them. Now I am older and wiser. I sit for hours searching the Internet, reading more information than I ever wanted to know about. I go to the grocery store and see the packaged meat, knowing about the pictures I have seen, the videos I have watched and I wonder why my friends and family think I am crazy, an activist, "one of those." Am I the only one who has compassion? Or is everyone else so busy that they just "don't care." My favorite has always been "I don't want to know." Why don't they want to know? Is it better to make believe it is not happening? The "I Don't Want To Know" syndrome is the one that bothers me the most! Why is it that I want to know, why do I want the knowledge? Do they think that seeing these pictures and reading about it and watching videos pleases me? Of course not. Suffering never made me feel good. Not animals, not children, not adults, no I hate suffering.

I went to dinner with my best friend of over 20 years and what does she order? Veal Chop! I want to scream at the top of my lungs "What are you doing? Don't you realize that these animals are born and are automatically put in a little stall where they cannot walk, lay in their own feces, are made as anemic as possible so their meat can be nice and white and tender and this is the way they live till they are slaughtered? You are my friend for years and years, are you oblivious to all this or is it "I just don't want to know." Is the way I feel because I am an animal sympathizer? My mother died of a heart attack while making a ham and cheese sandwich. She was 62. I watched her for many years eating loads of fried foods, fatty foods, veal, pork, beef and what happened to her? Death at an early age. Even when the doctor told her to cut down on the meat, eat more fruits and vegetables she wouldn't and within a year she was dead.

I have had food poisoning and have researched enough about it to find out why I got sick. Doesn't anyone think it is odd that we are told to cook our food well done, bleach our counters after handling meat or poultry? It must tell them something, or is it that they just "Don't Want To Know?" My God, I don't only care about the animals, I care about people and how sick they can get from these animals filled with antibiotics and disease. But how are they to know? My friends and family don't research the internet, all the news shows don't show the truths behind factory farming so they don't see it on television. Can I show them the videos? I'm sure that they don't want to know.

All I know is "I WANT TO KNOW." I know that since becoming a Vegan I feel better, I am losing weight and have begun to care about myself more because I feel better. Maybe they won't listen, maybe they think I am crazy, I don't care. I will not stop telling them what they don't want to know. Maybe when they see the changes in me it may put a little light on in their head and maybe just a few may call me up and say "Cyndi, I do want to know."

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