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3 March 2002
New Fight Against Puppymills

From [email protected] email

After having dinner with my 2 vets the other night and complaining endlessly about the sick puppymill dogs at the is what I have come to find....

IF you get a sick, inbred, deformed, ill or problem puppy...

1. you must immediately find out who the vet is who signed off on the dogs health. Not only the vet who signed off on them from WHERE they were SENT... BUT ALSO THE VET WHO DID THEIR HEALTH check AT THE STORE level. This is all documented on the paperwork - the vets name...and most of the time the petstores will refer any illness back to the vet who did the initial glance now you have his/her name, number and address. I'm sure you can request the name of the vet from the state in which they came from too. Or you can call the "private breeder" and get the info since they provide all that documentation so "willingly".

2. You must then make a formal and written complaint to BOTH the vet boards from which they came AND YOUR STATE Vet Board.

These vet boards are very connected and almost (it sounds) enjoy investigating other in order to destroy them, put them on probation, revoke their license etc... Hey - its more business for them right? Less vets? more business = more money.

My vets tell me that one little innocent person writing a half ass letter to the Board of Vets from the State is enough to create a ton of problems for that vet. The board will launch an investigation...apparently they come into the clinic and inspect everything from top to bottom...they want to see paperwork, protocols, procedures, guidelines and medicines. By a vet signing off on the health of a pet - they are ULTIMATELY responsible for that pet if it dies. So NOW, the person who bought the puppy can basically turn around and sue BOTH the petstore AND the stores vet.

A couple of these pain in the ass reports, investigations and problems for the clinic/ enough to make a vet RUN from these stores and never work with them again!

Since each puppy MUST by FEDERAL LAW come with a health certificate....and have a health certificate from the canceling out the underhanded, sleazy vets who are making a quick buck off the suffering of the petstore puppies.... these petstores won't have any vets to work with them. Because those vets who DO care and would never work with a petstore STILL won't work with them..its not much money and its not worth their time or effort...they already have established practices and THEY already know they'd be responsible for these puppies some where down the line!

I called a local vet here in our area and told him point blank... "I know you work with the petstores and mills and sign off on their health will never get MY business, and I will never refer ANY of the 4000+ adopters from MY shelter to YOU. Furthermore, I will make sure that every other shelter and rescue within 100 miles is aware of this and they, too, will follow us with our beliefs." I continued on about how these sleazy stores are continually selling the sick ones that he DIDN'T sign off on and the dogs that are even checked off on their papers as NOT SALABLE. People are STILL paying top dollar for them! HELLO!!!!

Anyway, it may be a small start but there usually is only a couple vets in a WIDE area that cover DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of petstores - you start making complaints to the Vet Board that they are signing off on sick dogs and YOU want to know what's going on! How could the board POSSIBLY ALLOW these vets to do this????

These Boards are nasty, nasty troublesome headaches to the vet on the receiving end.

So if we can't get them headon....lets go around to the backdoor and take down their supporters!

Please post this far and wide...and make sure that anyone involved in rescue, shelters, and closing petstores/puppymills are aware of this.

99.9% of the time NO ONE knows where to complain to when they get a sick puppy...this might start turning things upside down. Start flooding the State vet boards with complaints...they won't know what to do with themselves now!

Now something like this would NEVER affect ANY vet who is properly doing his/her job..or a vet who is in good standing with the vet board....but this will be designed to target those vets who are into it for the money and don't care about the health and welfare of the pets they are carrying for.

This is not designed to be a lynch mob...but simply to stop sick puppies and petstores from selling them...and to hold those accountable for allowing it....

any me at [email protected] 

Leigh Grady
Shelter Director
Animal Shelter Inc.
17 Laurelwood Road
Sterling MA 01564
978-422-8574 fax
[email protected] email

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