Animal Writes
From 17 July 2005 Issue

Citizens For Pets in Condos
From Maida - [email protected] 

Though this campaign is taking place in Florida, it's something that should expand to other states, and other countries. Not only would companion animals benefit by new homes opening up for adoptable cats and dogs, but it would have health benefits for their pet guardians as well.

The effort to get pets allowed in condos is NOT a single condo issue. The Pets in Condos issue as a national human rights, senior rights, animal rights issue, and even a pet law issue. The reason why pro-animal groups should be concerned is that there are many thousands of perfectly adoptable animals that are euthanized because would-be perfectly responsible and able people are prevented from having animal companions.

It is especially a problem in south Florida, where there is probably the largest number of seniors living in 55+ communities (whether they be condos, private homes governed by home owners associations, or trailer parks). In this area, there is an inordinate amount of limitations on pet ownership that goes beyond anything reasonable. Builders and lawyers have set up a system in south Florida where there are "cookie cutter" rules applied as a standard. The rules are not necessarily what the owners (and I am talking about people who OWN THEIR HOMES, not renters) want. There has to be a way to break this cycle.

With help from IDA and PETA2, our online signature count is growing impressively, but we need more signatures. We need even greater exposure to raise awareness - because this IS an uphill battle, and we are just at the beginning. We got the animal friendly license plate passed down here in Florida against all odds; we can fight these unreasonable pet rules, too. Please sign, and consider starting campaigns outside of Florida, as well.

Citizens for Pets in Condos,

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