Cry Of The Wolves

We weren't put here to hurt anyone.
So why do you come after us with your guns?
We too, have a family to feed.
Can't you understand our need.
We get hungry and thirsty too.
Are we really much different than you.
Our young are all we have.
And we are all that they have.
They are so dependent on us.
We love to see them play in the sun.
And we cuddle them when they're cold.
We feed them when they're hungry.
What else can we do?
Our life is not easy, but we want to survive.
We live by our instincts.
We teach our young how to find water, and food.
We don't hunt for sport, like you.
We hunt only because we're hungry.
We walk for miles each day looking for our food.
Sometimes it's raining and cold.
Sometimes it snowing and freezing.
Sometimes it's very hot, and we look for shade.
We don't have much of a choice.
This is the life, God gave to us.
We don't complain though.
We're out there everyday, from morning til dusk.
Our baby's, following our every move.
This is our family, and we love them, as you love yours.
We are their protectors, and providers.
We are their teachers.
They look up to us.
We'll never abandon them.
Without us, they are all doomed to die.
Doesn't the thought of that bring tears to your eyes?
Some days we pass the watering hole.
Because men with gun's, are waiting in prey.
We must avoid that area, and walk around them.
We're so thirsty, but can't put our baby's in harms way.
We have to be cautious of traps too.
It is such a terrible way to die.
To watch a family member suffer so.
Yes, we cry too.
Sometimes more often than you.
We have feelings.
Our tummys are empty now.
And our food has been taken away.
The baby's are crying.
They don't understand.
It is getting dark, and we haven't eaten today.
We're all very tired. It's been a long day.
We'll rest for the night.
It won't be easy with the approaching storm.
The shelter of a few trees, will have to do.
At the break of dawn, we're at it again.
We're wet and cold.
We didn't get much sleep.
And we're very hungry and thirsty.
The babys are crying more than before.
They're tired and growing weak.
This is our life.
This is who we are.
This is what we do.
We are wolves.
Our struggle for survival will continue today.
It won't be easy.
But we want to live.
We want to see our baby's grow up.
And raise families of their own.
Are we so different than you?
Why are you afraid of us?
Why do you come after us with your guns?
Why do you set out poisons and traps?
Can't you understand what you're doing?
Where is your compassion?
Where is your love?
Do you have feelings?
Haven't you ever learned to cry?
When we howl each night.
Take the time to listen to us.
We're trying to send a message to you.
We're trying to teach you how to cry.
That's all we're trying to do.
So please don't harm us.
We only want to survive.
We want to be there for our babys.
Are we so different than you?

written by:
Douglas S. Andersen ( [email protected] ) on 28 Nov. 1998. In The Santa Cruz Mountains of Felton, California. While having his morning cup of coffee, and watching the birds, and squirrels playing in the woods on a beautiful sunny day. Such an inspirational setting.

Copyright: 11/28/98
Author: Doug. S. Andersen
Doug and his precious eleven year old, Golden girl, Brandi.

peace on earth
goodwill to
all God's creatures

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