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Animal Protection Viewed Most Favorable of Social Justice Causes

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New Study:
Animal Protection Viewed Most Favorable of Social Justice Causes

From Free From Harm and Humane Research Council
May 2012

From Free From Harm:

Animal Tracker is an ongoing study of the Humane Research Council which gauges attitudes about animals and the animal protection / animal rights movement with the goal of arming advocates with real-world information to help them sharpen their advocacy efforts.

Animal Tracker’s 2012 results are in. Following are the key findings:

animal rights, social justice

From Humane Research Council:

Short Description:

This report summarizes results from Wave 5 of the Animal Tracker annual survey of U.S. adults regarding attitudes and behavior toward animals. The first survey (Wave 1, 2008) included 16 questions; five of these questions were asked again in 2009 (Wave 2) and in the current wave (Wave 5, 2012). In summary, the most recent survey finds that while there is generally a high level of support for the animal protection movement and concern for animals in various situations, it has been declining over time. US adults are also devoting less attention to animal protection issues than in previous years and are more likely to feel that the current legal protections for animals are adequate.


Year 5 Results in Brief: