South African Rodeo Charged When Horse Breaks Leg

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South African Rodeo Charged When Horse Breaks Leg

[Ed. Note: Unfortunately, U.S. styled rodeos are spreading far and wide around the world. Take action here to keep these atrocities out of China: Keep U.S. Styled Rodeos Out of China.]

From Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), June 2011

Chris Kuch of the National Council of SPCA South Africa (NSPCA) ( notified SHARK of an undercover operation by Senior Inspectors of the NSPCA's Farm Animal Unit that enabled them to intervene at a rodeo after a horse "in the ring" had broken a leg. Organizers failed to put the animal out of its misery but led it away with its bone protruding.

The incident occurred at the Geyerspan Rodeo event in Lichtenberg in the North West Province on Saturday, May 28, 2011. The rodeo rider had been thrown off the horse which had a bucking strap attached to it. The strap did not release after the rider's fall, the horse fell as it bucked around the ring in distress, then fell and broke its leg.

Senior SPCA Inspector Peter Lombard intervened and humanely destroyed the horse.