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Horse Slaughter in the U.S. - Background

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Horse Slaughter in the U.S. - Background

From Int'l Fund for Horses / Tuesday's Horse, December 2011

On November 18, 2011, President Obama signed budget bill H.R. 2112 into law. H.R. 2112 covers funding for the federal government’s fiscal year 2012, which runs October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012. Agriculture Department spending, including the USDA, is part of that bill.

Before H.R. 2112 was presented to the President, a small group of politicians collaborated to remove the provision suspending funding for USDA inspection of horse slaughter plants which has prevented the slaughter of horses on U.S. soil effectively since 2007.

The funding prohibition was originally enacted in 2005 as part of the FY2006 Agriculture Appropriations Act. However, the USDA responded by adopting new rules that allowed the slaughterhouses to pay for the inspections themselves. A 2007 court ruling ordered the USDA to stop these inspections.

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