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Kansas dog tracks blocked from re-opening

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Kansas dog tracks blocked from re-opening

June 2012

Hoorah!!! The 2012 session has closed and legislators in Kansas have again rejected bids to re-open the state's dog tracks. Track owners and breeders tried, several times, to build support for their bills to bring back the cruelty of dog racing -- but all attempts failed!

Thanks are due to Glenn Thompson and Stand Up for Kansas for their fantastic work.

In other "greyt" news, greyhounds are finally dogs again under Kansas law. Several years ago, the National Greyhound Association worked to remove greyhounds from the state's Pet Animal Act. This has now been corrected and congratulations are due to the ASPCA, Kansas City ReGAP and the Humane Society of the United States for helping to bring this correction into statute.

There were once three operating dog tracks in the state: Camptown (1995-2000), Wichita Greyhound Parks (1989-2007) and The Woodlands (1989-2008). These are all now closed. Let's keep it that way!