Anti-Mustang Bill is NOT Passed

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Anti-Mustang Bill is NOT Passed

[Ed. Note: Thank you for taking action here: Tell Nevada: Wild Horses ARE Wildlife...Let Them Have Water!. Watch Mustang Conspiracy an interview with KLAS TV's George Knapp about a very dark and very real travesty that is being played out against our wild mustangs by a cast of bad actors from the U.S. Government. All of your questions about "why round up wild horses" will be answered. For more information, read Animal Advocates Worry Bill Would Decimate Wild Horse Herds.]

From American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC)

You did it! Friday, May 20, 2011, the Nevada Senate Natural Resources Committee declined to vote in favor of potentially devastating legislation, which, if passed, could have cut off wild horses and burros from water on all lands in Nevada. The Committee instead sent Assembly Bill 329 (AB329) to the Public Lands Committee for further study and legal analysis. This effectively kills the bill for this legislative session, which ends this month.

A BIG thank you to the thousands of Nevadans and advocates across the country who stepped up to oppose this cruel and misguided legislation! This includes the approximately 100 Nevada citizens who attended the Natural Resources Committee hearing last week to give powerful public testimony in opposition to AB 329.

Two weeks ago the AWHPC teamed up with the ASPCA to oppose AB 329. In addition to mobilizing our supporter base, we provided the Senate Natural Resources Committee with a legal analysis, prepared by attorney Bruce Wagman, of Schiff Hardin in San Francisco.