Egg Production:
Facts That People Should Know

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Eggs for Breakfast?
The Reality of What Goes Into Them
- Corpses -

(Corpses)  Dead hens commonly go unnoticed in battery cages, forcing the living to eat and sleep on top of the corpses of their former cellmates.  If you have ever smelled the odor of rotting flesh, you might come close to understanding what these hens have been subjected to.  Imagine yourself in these crowded inhumane conditions with other people, one of whom dies and is left to decompose in your cell with you, and that you cannot lie down without lying on top of the corpse.  Every egg a person eats contributes to this suffering and death.  Remember these things the next time you think about having eggs for breakfast.

The indifference of the vast majority of our fellow human beings to the pain and suffering that our race has inflicted upon laying hens and other animals has led us to present this series as a form of apology to all suffering beings throughout this world.  It is also offered as a prayer to God for forgiveness and as a request that the Lord would instill in each of us the sensitivity to feel the pain and suffering that we inflict on others, to such an extent, that we would cease our atrocities and become the children of God for whom the whole of creation anxiously awaits.  Our thanks to Compassion Over Killing, Farm Sanctuary, and United Poultry Concerns, Inc. for providing photos and comments.

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