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Eggs for Breakfast?
The Reality of What Goes Into Them
- Flies -

(Flies)  Flies like eggs for breakfast, too, as can be plainly seen in this photo.   Flies have a very interesting way of eating.  They regurgitate their digestive juices, along with bacteria, onto the food they wish to eat; then they suck it back up, leaving some of the bacteria behind.  This is how they spread diseases. 

As Compassion over Killing's investigation uncovered: "the sheds at ISE are infested with literally billions of flies."  Each of us knows how annoying even one fly can be when it's buzzing around our head or our food.  Can you imagine spending your entire life crammed into a six foot by six foot prison cell with five other people and being pestered by hundreds of flies every moment of every day?  Well, every day that is exactly what our egg industry is doing to millions upon millions of hens who have been crammed into small wire cages.   Every egg a person eats contributes to this suffering.  Remember these things the next time you think about having eggs for breakfast.

The indifference of the vast majority of our fellow human beings to the pain and suffering that our race has inflicted upon laying hens and other animals has led us to present this series as a form of apology to all suffering beings throughout this world.  It is also offered as a prayer to God for forgiveness and as a request that the Lord would instill in each of us the sensitivity to feel the pain and suffering that we inflict on others, to such an extent, that we would cease our atrocities and become the children of God for whom the whole of creation anxiously awaits.  Our thanks to Compassion Over Killing, Farm Sanctuary, and United Poultry Concerns, Inc. for providing photos and comments.

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