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Listed below are links to organizations and individuals who are dedicated to promoting and re-establishing compassion in society and religion. Our efforts are based upon sound Biblical teachings, many of which have been glossed over throughout the years. Far too many religious leaders and their congregations have lost their discernment of God's compassionate intent toward all of creation, including people, animals and the environment.

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Resources - Worldwide guide to veggie restaurants and shopping and more...

Hand-Picked Veggie-Friendly Restaurants - We love looking for delicious vegetarian and vegan food. We eat out, get tons of recommendations from friends, read blogs and reviews, and compile everything here.

Leaping Bunny Approved Brands - By 1996, 'cruelty-free' shopping had become popular, but it was also confusing, sometimes misleading, and ultimately frustrating. Companies had begun designing their own bunny logos, abiding by their own definition of 'cruelty-free' or 'animal friendly' without the participation of animal protection groups. In response, eight national animal protection groups banded together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo. We work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy.

Refuges and Sanctuaries for Farmed Animals That Promote Veganism - Visit these sites for products sold to support the rescue and life-long care of farmed animals who have been saved from being slaughtered.

Selecting Candles Without Tallow, Paraffin or Beeswax - What makes a candle vegan and cruelty-free? What harmful products are often used in candles?

Vegan Lifestyle Association - Support for anyone who wants to live a greener, healthier and more ethical way of life. We welcome everyone - whether you're an omnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan or anywhere in between. We will encourage and support you on your personal journey.

Vegan House Swapping - Let's introduce house swapping into the vegan psyche, and have a look at what house swapping is all about.

Vegan Job Board - Vegan Mainstream offers a variety of services for entrepreneurs, authors, chefs, personal trainers, coaches and business owners. Through one-on-one marketing consulting, online training, and local business workshops we help individuals launch and maintain successful vegan businesses. - is a community-maintained, worldwide guide to vegetarian and vegan restaurants and shopping.

Vegan Travel

Cruelty-Free Product Directories

Cruelty-Free Shopping Resources

6th Commandment Vegan T-shirts
Thou Shall Not Kill, the 6th commandment of God's law... I'm Allie, a passionate vegan mom to four vegan sons - all by their own choice. I searched for a shirt that combined the love of Jesus with compassion for non-humans. There weren't many options. We design these T-shirts together, a team endeavor at our kitchen table. I keep everything as simple and inexpensive as possible, while maintaining a great quality shirt.

Action for Animals Store
Online... Offering shirts, hoodies, stickers, and buttons to promote veganism and animal rights! We also have bulk literature and stickers for outreach, available at cost. 100% of profits are donated to Action for Animals to fund our vegan education and outreach!

Animal Place's Vegan Republic
Berkeley, CA...Animal Place recently purchased Republic of V - vegan groceries include locally made gourmet foods, clothing and accessories, beauty and personal care products, home goods, dog and cat foods, books, and other supplies. When you shop to feed yourself, you feed the animals at Animal Place Sanctuary!

Beauty Without Cruelty
For over 40 years BWC has been a company with a mission - ethical, cruelty-free products that are made with natural, safe ingredients, are superior in performance, and are an exceptional value.

The Brown Crayon Project™
The Brown Crayon Project is the certified-organic, all natural line of skin and hair care products intentionally designed for babies, toddlers and children of color. All of our products are GMO-Free and Pregnancy and Breast-feeding safe. We use ABSOLUTELY NO Sulfates. NO Parabens. NO Phthalates. NO Paraffin. NO Animal Ingredients. NO Artificial Colors. NO Artificial Fragrances.

Clear Conscience for Contact Lenses
Clear Conscience was established in 1998 to provide quality, safe products for contact lenses that are cruelty-free. Company policy ensures that all suppliers are also committed to product safety testing without the use of animals. 10% of all proceeds donated to non-profit animal welfare and environmental organizations.  

Cruelty Free International
Cruelty Free International is joining forces with the BUAV, and from today onwards, we will be speaking with one voice as Cruelty Free International. By coming together under one name, we will increase our power and reach as the voice for animals in laboratories across the globe.

Colors of Nature
Professional quality earth- and animal-friendly artists' paints. Composed of all natural, plant-based ingredients and naturally-occurring mineral pigments Petroleum-free 100% vegan. 

Commercial Vegan Cat and Dog Food
A normally carnivorous companion animal dog or cat can be converted to a vegetarian or vegan diet. This type of diet can extend the lives of both cats and dogs and save millions of other animals each year.

Compassionate Clothing
Finding cruelty-free clothing and accessories has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a cozy wool-free sweater, a fancy faux-fur stole, or combat boots sans leather, you’re sure to be able to find it at your local mall. Use this guide to get started.

Deter Outdoor Skin Protection
Deter is a cruelty-free company. Deter Outdoor Skin Protection products are based on science and powered by nature. They are the safest and most effective natural skin protection solutions available. Based on natural sustainably harvested ingredients, all products are designed to protect skin, as well as to protect our fragile environment. Deter products offer the best deterrent against outdoor skin threats for the entire family.

Doshi was founded to provide smart, fashionable and quality vegan products to people who have ethical, religious or environmental beliefs that lead them to seek vegan products (briefcases, backpacks, belts, accessories, handbags arrive this summer 2017 and footwear is on the horizon). While the roots of this movement go back to the days of hippies and the 1960's, our goal is to meet the needs of smart, socially and environmentally conscious professionals, jet-setters and fashionistas.

Drizzle & Shine
While blogging about fashion, boutique owner Jean White learned about major ethical concerns in the fashion industry. The more she looked for ethical options, the more she wished there was one place in Seattle to find clothes by companies whose values she shares. Everything in the store is free of animal products. And everything is a combination of fair trade, organic, local, USA-made, and/or recycled. We choose brands who think big, have small footprints, and give back.

Eco-DenT is the only Natural Products company to offer consumers the full range of Premium Natural Oral Care Products. Each and every Eco-DenT product is "Best of Class," with advanced formulas, premium ingredients, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Ethically Eco
We previously had been vegetarians and within a week of leaving all animal products and by-products behind, my teenage sons' eczema vanished (he had suffered from this since birth!) and we all found we had more energy and clearer skin. This transition led us to become curious about other items in our homes. It was only then that Ethically Eco was born and thanks to you we are still growing.

Ethique Nouveau
Minneapolis store...We offer a shopping experience that is kind to humans, animals, and the earth. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality merchandise available from the best designers in the field without the use of animal testing, ingredients, skins, or furs.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery
Portland OR store...Yep, a vegan grocery store. Well, more like a vegan convenience store, minus the booze and the cigarettes. We have lots of junk food. Chips, drinks, candies, and stuff like that. We’re also trying our best to keep a well stocked fake-meat selection.

Fresh n' Lean -  Fresh n' Lean prepares and delivers organic, gluten-free, fresh, and ready to eat meals directly to your door. Our goal is to make healthy eating simple and fun.

Fur Free Retailer
Stores and Online...Find compassionate retailers who have taken a stand against fur and help create a fur free society. Information/links for Consumers and Retailers.
Online...Our customers are individuals who understand that the current mass-market production of clothing is not sustainable, and for those people who want to make sure they’re not buying into companies that exploit animals for profit,” James Lucas says. Grape Cat plans to donate 1% of their sales to animal charities including Our Hen House, Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and others.

Handcrafted in Texas
Kat Mendenhall shows her passion as a vegan activist and boot maven in the creation of her cruelty-free cowboy boots and products... "Cruelty-free western wear that gives leather the boot."

Herbivore Clothing Company
Portland OR store and online...Herbivore Women's Clothing - Herbivore Unisexual Clothing -Herbivore Hoodies and Cardigans - Herbivore Kids Clothing - Pedal and Sing Designs - Scarves & Socks & Aprons - Books and Other Printed Matter - Stickers, Buttons, Magnets - Women's Wallets - Unisexual Wallets - Belts Purses, Bags, Totes - Backpacks & Messenger Bags - Lunch ware, Bottles - Jewelry - Vegan Body Care - Art - Candles and more!

Herbivorous Butcher
Minneapolis MN restaurant and online...We're passionate about creating meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses that taste like no other vegan product on the market. We've been developing our recipes for years and are confident that after one sampling you'll be hooked! Our brick and mortar space is open to the public in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Kaiderma Skin Care™ Products
Kaiderma offers natural face and body products made from unique marine active ingredients and select botanical oils. We are proud to be a cruelty-free company that does not test any of its products on animals. Kaiderma Skin Care™ products are science-based natural skin therapies employing unique marine, and botanical functional ingredients.

La Bella Pink               
Our personal care products, cosmetics, recipes and custom fragrances are blended by us, fresh for you. La Bella Pink’s ingredients and formulations have been screened and approved as Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

The one stop mineral makeup shop for the pure of heart and the pure of face. At Mineralissima we can offer you an incredible range of natural, beautiful and flawless mineral cosmetics and accessories, all made from Mother Nature's best set of ingredients.

Moo Shoes, Inc.
NYC store AND Online...Moo Shoes, Inc., is a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, T-shirts, wallets, books and accessories. Moo Shoes was the first cruelty-free store of its kind in NYC.

NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes
Online... Founded in 2009, NOAH offers fashionable, high-quality vegan shoes produced in limited numbers in Italy by small companies that guarantee fair working conditions. Our idea was to create exclusive Italian handcrafted footwear combining quality and style while respecting the environment, the animals and the human health.

NOOCH Vegan Market
Denver, CO...NOOCH is a small vegan specialty store in Denver, vegan owned and operated by Joshua LaBure and Vanessa Gochnour. They believe that animals have the right to be free from human use and see NOOCH as an extension of that ideology.

Oxford Luxury Vegan Handbags
Online...Oxford Luxury Vegan Handbags stay true to the ideals of offering fashionably styled vegan handbags different than you’ll find in any department store. Many are made from cork (the "new leather") and are soft, lightweight, water resistant, stain resistant and absolutely gorgeous, crafted with European quality and style.

Pangea, The Vegan Store
Rockville, MD store AND online....A one-stop vegan store offering a variety of cruelty-free vegan shoes, jackets, ties and other clothing made without leather, wool or silk; human and companion animal foods; vitamins and more.

Online... Designs inspired by nature. Ingenious solutions for unorthodox problems. Product development is currently underway for designs inspired by the aerodynamics of bird feathers, the hydrodynamics of whale fins, the elegance of maple seeds, and the strength of bee honeycombs.

Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Care Products
For us, producing the highest quality professional hair care available is simply not enough. Paul Mitchell is (and always will be) dedicated to making our world a more beautiful place. We were the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing and our charitable efforts continue to set the standard for giving in our industry. A commitment to caring for people and the planet is a driving force in everything we do.

Your vegan fashion marketplace. Only 100% vegan brands. Phloem is home to many of the best small brands in vegan fashion. These brands, or stores, operate independently within Phloem. Each store has its own shipping and returns policy and is responsible for shipping your order. And because Phloem is a marketplace, you may purchase from multiple stores in one payment.

Planeta Vegano
Madrid, Spain...Planeta vegano es una tienda vegana en Madrid, que ofrece productos 100% vegetarianos libres de explotación animal... Todo con el ánimo de promover el veganismo y ayudar a quienes están interesados en adoptar esta alternativa de vida.

Premae Skincare
Premae launched in 2011. Premae’s Phyto Nutrient (plant based), Vegan, Alkaline (PH6+), Freefrom formulations seemed to be a winning combination and a much sought after solution for unpredictable skin symptoms such as Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema.

Rabbit Food Grocery
Austin TX...Our mission at Rabbit Food Grocery is to grow the vegan community by educating the public on the importance of a vegan lifestyle for the animals, our health, and the environment. We offer 100% cruelty-free vegan items including: grocery staples, body care products, household supplies, clothing, and gifts. We provide compassionate and veg-curious people a one-stop shopping experience to demonstrate how easy it is to adopt and sustain a vegan lifestyle.

Online...Equally important as what you put on your body, is what you avoid. SkinAgain uses natural ingredients that are: paraben-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, vegan, sulphate-free, gluten-free and are packaged in recyclable containers.

Soapmaker's Shop of Maine
Boothbay Maine AND online...It was my love for animals that I decided to create my own humane cruelty-free natural soap and lotions. I found that our commercial bars are made from a large amount of animal fats and synthetic chemicals that can rob the skin of its natural oil.

Tiendita Vegan
The vegan movement in Colombia is relatively new, but many vegan entrepreneurs are striving to make veganism more accessible and affordable for everyone. Today the capital city of Colombia, Bogota, has vegan restaurants, vegan bakeries, vegan ice cream, and now we have a little 100% vegan shop downtown called Tiendita Vegan where vegans can find everything. All the profits go to Juliana's Animal Sanctuary.

Online...Spelled for Haute Couture with a V for Vegan, but said like VOTE—VAUTE is an independent fashion house by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart whose raison d’etre is to develop apparel and fabrics that are better than wearing animals ever could be.

Veag is a family run clothing store for vegans by vegans. All the products we stock are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Our mission is to help you look as fantastic as possible whilst minimizing harm to the creatures that inhabit this world. In an ideal world there wouldn't be a need for a vegan apparel store.

Vegan Cuts
Online...Our team of vegan sleuths spend their days scouring online shops, festivals and stores for the very best vegan food, beauty and fashion products so we can bring them to you through our online marketplace, our monthly Snack Box and Beauty Box and our special edition boxes.

Vegan Essentials
Online...A vegan owned and operated store that specializes in only offering the highest quality animal-free products, and our mission is to offer unparalleled service and selection all in one location, making us a one-stop shopping destination for all things vegan.

Vegan Haven
Seattle vegan grocery store...Pigs Peace Sanctuary is the proud owner of a store that is all about compassion and kindness towards animals! Washington state's only 100% vegan grocery store, plus handbags, wallets, health and beauty products, companion animal food and treats.
A dedicated one-stop vegan supplement shop and resource for all your protein needs— shakes and smoothies, superfoods, meal replacement formulas, and indispensable information on living a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Publishers
Vegan Publishers was formed in 2013 with a mission to publish a range of books that promote social consciousness and awareness related to veganism. We are interested in publishing books for adults and children that focus on positive themes emphasizing justice and respect for all living beings. Vegan Publishers hopes to be at the forefront of the growing societal trend towards vegan living.

Veganz was founded in February 2011 by Jan Bredack and revolutionized the classic food industry. We are the first vegan food chain store in Europe to offer products that are guaranteed to be animal (cruelty) free true to its slogan ”We Love Life”. We have our own branches, distribute our products with food retailing partners, present ourselves on events with our food truck and more. Meanwhile we have ten branches in Europe which makes us the no.1 place for the vegan food industry and fascinates not only Germany with a broad range of services.

Veggie Rebellion, LLC
Sandra and Dylan McKee's store is located at 5717 W Glendale Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301. Everything in our store is free of animal derived ingredients and never tested on animals. We try to bring locally produced, organic, and fair trade products to our customers whenever possible.

Viva Glam Magazine - This fun, uplifting and high-quality publication only promotes a cruelty-free, conscience and ethical lifestyle. Viva Glam magazine is the world's first ever women's publication that is fully dedicated to compassionate living and is the only destination for an ethical luxury lifestyle. We believe that no living being should solely exist as a source for fashion or food. Therefore, living with positive influence and effect on the world, we believe we become a part of the solution.

Viva La Vegan
Online..."Clothed in Compassion"...Born from our love for animals, a want to positively promote veganism and do our bit for our planet while looking good as we do so. Our team at VLV are a committed bunch of vegans, vegetarians and eco ambassadors. No stereotypes here just a love of style and contemporary fashion. We make clothes that look and feel great without compromising our ideals. 'Go Green' is the new black, compassion the new life-style fashion that's more than a trend. Wear it well.

White Rabbit Beauty
Online...Sells only brands of personal care products that have been certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny program, the only U.S. and international certification that verifies that no animal testing has been done on a product at any stage of its development. 

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