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Listed below are links to organizations and individuals who are dedicated to promoting and re-establishing compassion in society and religion. Our efforts are based upon sound Biblical teachings, many of which have been glossed over throughout the years. Far too many religious leaders and their congregations have lost their discernment of God's compassionate intent toward all of creation, including people, animals and the environment.

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Visit often for additions and please send suggested additions - Worldwide guide to veggie restaurants and shopping and more...

Hand-Picked Veggie-Friendly Restaurants - We love looking for delicious vegetarian and vegan food. We eat out, get tons of recommendations from friends, read blogs and reviews, and compile everything here.

Veggie Hotels - The VeggieHotels criteria for purely vegetarian hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, conference centers or health centers are very simple. There is no meat or fish on the menu (100% vegetarian cuisine). - is a community-maintained, world-wide guide to vegetarian and vegan restaurants and shopping.

Refuges and Sanctuaries for Farmed Animals - Visit these sites for products sold to support the rescue and life-long care of farmed animals who have been saved from abusive lives and from being slaughtered.


Action for Animals Store
Online... Offering shirts, hoodies, stickers, and buttons to promote veganism and animal rights! We also have bulk literature and stickers for outreach, available at cost. 100% of profits are donated to Action for Animals to fund our vegan education and outreach!

Beauty Without Cruelty
For over 40 years BWC has been a company with a mission - ethical, cruelty-free products that are made with natural, safe ingredients, are superior in performance, and are an exceptional value.

Clear Conscience for Contact Lenses
Clear Conscience was established in 1998 to provide quality, safe products for contact lenses that are cruelty-free. Company policy ensures that all suppliers are also committed to product safety testing without the use of animals. 10% of all proceeds donated to non-profit animal welfare and environmental organizations.  

Colors of Nature
Professional quality earth- and animal-friendly artists' paints. Composed of all natural, plant-based ingredients and naturally-occurring mineral pigments Petroleum-free 100% vegan. 

Commercial Vegan Cat and Dog Food
A normally carnivorous companion animal dog or cat can be converted to a vegetarian or vegan diet. This type of diet can extend the lives of both cats and dogs and save millions of other animals each year.

Compassionate Clothing
Finding cruelty-free clothing and accessories has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a cozy wool-free sweater, a fancy faux-fur stole, or combat boots sans leather, you’re sure to be able to find it at your local mall. Use this guide to get started.

Eco-DenT is the only Natural Products company to offer consumers the full range of Premium Natural Oral Care Products. Each and every Eco-DenT product is "Best of Class," with advanced formulas, premium ingredients, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Ethikool are Eco Friendly (minimal impact on our ecosystem), Chemical Free (no harsh toxic chemicals, Cruelty Free (no animal testing), Vegan (no animal content or by-products, Palm Oil Free (no Orangutan wildlife or rainforest harmed), Sustained Palm Oil Free (we do not support or use "Sustained Palm Oil"), Organic (when possible we choose companies who use organic farming), Recycled Materials (when possible we choose companies who use re-cycled, re-used or re-purposed materials/items).

Ethique Nouveau
Minneapolis store...We offer a shopping experience that is kind to humans, animals, and the earth. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality merchandise available from the best designers in the field without the use of animal testing, ingredients, skins, or furs.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery
Portland OR store...Yep, a vegan grocery store. Well, more like a vegan convenience store, minus the booze and the cigarettes. We have lots of junk food. Chips, drinks, candies, and stuff like that. We’re also trying our best to keep a well stocked fake-meat selection.
Online...Our customers are individuals who understand that the current mass-market production of clothing is not sustainable, and for those people who want to make sure they’re not buying into companies that exploit animals for profit,” James Lucas says. Grape Cat plans to donate 1% of their sales to animal charities including Our Hen House, Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and others.

Happy Cow's Veggie Guide
Online...A global, searchable vegan/vegetarian restaurant guide, directory of natural health food stores, including nutrition & health tips, vegan recipes, raw foods, travel, veganism and other vegetarian issues.

Herbivore Cothing Company
Portland OR store and online...Herbivore Women's Clothing - Herbivore Unisexual Clothing -Herbivore Hoodies and Cardigans - Herbivore Kids Clothing - Pedal and Sing Designs - Scarves & Socks & Aprons - Books and Other Printed Matter - Stickers, Buttons, Magnets - Women's Wallets - Unisexual Wallets - Belts Purses, Bags, Totes - Backpacks & Messenger Bags - Lunchware, Bottles - Jewelry - Vegan Body Care - Art - Candles and more!

HuMaine Essential Herbal Soap
Boothbay ME AND online...It was my love for animals that I decided to create my own humane cruelty-free natural soap and lotions. I found that our commercial bars are made from a large amount of animal fats and synthetic chemicals that can rob the skin of its natural oil.

Vancouver BC store...Vancouver's first vegan variety store featuring footwear, fashion, animal companion supplies, stickers, buttons, shirts, personal care items, as well as frozen and refrigerated food and treats.

La Bella Pink               
Our personal care products, cosmetics, recipes and custom fragrances are blended by us, fresh for you. La Bella Pink’s ingredients and formulations have been screened and approved as Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

Lotus Brands
Lotus Brands, Inc. is a majority woman-owned company started for the purpose of providing safe, effective and natural alternatives to people for maintaining their well-being in harmony with the planet. Product brands sold by Lotus Brands try to address real concerns with solutions inspired by Nature.

Lovina Naturals
All natural, vegan bath and body products. Currently producing fine sugar scrubs and lip balms. 100% pure and natural ingredients. No added synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Never tested on animals. Every time you buy a Lovina Naturals product you are helping unwanted, sick and abused animals towards a better, safer and healthier life. Up to 50% of our profits go straight to this cause.

Moo Shoes, Inc.
NYC store AND Online...MoosShoes, Inc., is a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, T-shirts, wallets, books and accessories. MooShoes was the first cruelty-free store of its kind in NYC.

NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes
Online... Founded in 2009, NOAH offers fashionable, high-quality vegan shoes produced in limited numbers in Italy by small companies that guarantee fair working conditions. Our idea was to create exclusive Italian handcrafted footwear combining quality and style while respecting the environment, the animals and the human health.

NOOCH Vegan Market
Denver, CO...NOOCH is a small vegan specialty store in Denver, vegan owned and operated by Joshua LaBure and Vanessa Gochnour. They believe that animals have the right to be free from human use and see NOOCH as an extension of that ideology.

Old Wives Tail
Online, worldwide delivery...Old Wives Tail is a small hair care company selling handmade organic hair care products – absolutely no additives or chemicals or animal-tested ingredients. Our goal is to eradicate animal testing in the beauty industry and 10% of our profits go to charities that save animals from being tested.

Oly Vegan
Olympia, WA store AND mail order available...A vegan lifestyle shop in downtown Olympia, WA. Cruelty-free bags, shoes, clothing, makeup, body care. Jewelry, t-shirts, totes. Gourmet vegan chocolates cookies and treats. Specialty food items, gift baskets to order, toys and treats for every holiday! Not to mention adorable vintage housewares.

Pangea, The Vegan Store
Rockville, MD store AND online....A one-stop vegan store offering a variety of cruelty-free vegan shoes, jackets, ties and other clothing made without leather, wool or silk; human and companion animal foods; vitamins and more.

Planeto Vegano
Madrid, Spain...Planeta vegano es una tienda vegana en Madrid, que ofrece productos 100% vegetarianos libres de explotación animal... Todo con el ánimo de promover el veganismo y ayudar a quienes están interesados en adoptar esta alternativa de vida.

Republic of Vegan
Berkely, CA...Republic of V is a brick and mortar vegan boutique and specialty food shop in Berkeley, CA. Offering Artisan, Unique & Hard to Find Animal-Friendly Foods, Treats & Treasures.

Online...Equally important as what you put on your body, is what you avoid. SkinAgain uses natural ingredients that are: paraben-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, vegan, sulphate-free, gluten-free and are packaged in recyclable containers. 

Vegan Cuts
Online...Discover the best vegan products! Body care, fashion, jewelry, food, and more!

Vegan Essentials
Online...A vegan owned and operated store that specializes in only offering the highest quality animal-free products, and our mission is to offer unparalleled service and selection all in one location, making us a one-stop shopping destination for all things vegan.

Vegan Haven
Seattle vegan grocery store...Pigs Peace Sanctuary is the proud owner of a store that is all about compassion and kindness towards animals! Washington state's only 100% vegan grocery store, plus handbags, wallets, health and beauty products, companion animal food and treats (formerly Sidecar).

Vegan Herbs
To become a Healthy Vegetarian, we offer wide range of supplements for daily need or special condition. You can find Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3, Essential Nutrition and Supplement for yourself, for your spouse, for your kids, and also for respected elders.

Viva La Vegan Grocery
Rancho La Cucamonga store and online...A 100% vegan one-stop shop. We carry all the vegan and natural food staples as well as the specialty "hard to find" vegan items. As a vegan owned and operated buisness we never compromise on our commitment to: animal rights, the environment, promote the collapse of the cruel and predatory meat and dairy industries.

White Rabbit Beauty
Online...Sells only brands of personal care products that have been certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny program, the only U.S. and international certification that verifies that no animal testing has been done on a product at any stage of its development. 

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