Procession of "Shewons" (Spirits)

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Procession of "Shewons" (Spirits)

Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

It is interesting that "shewons" (spirits) "roll as wheels by the ground". Are they wheels? Could "shewons" have the form of wheels? And the trajectory of movement of one "shewon" is perpendicular to the trajectory of movement of another "shewon" (see the attachment) - "the trace of the first shewon crosses the trace of the second shewon".

Clearly that it not paradox of spiritual world as in the book of Ezekiel, these Evenki wheels simply foul their trails to misdirect hostile spirits. Because further it is said that snow sweeps away traces of "shewons": "tracks of shewons on the ground the earth covers with snow". "Shewons" are on their way from kingdom of death, so dangerous spirits of lower world and dead could follow them. Therefore it is good that snow sweeps up traces. And from perpendicular traces of wheels crossing each other any evil spirit or bad dead can lose orientation. Well, though it is not Ezekiel, but too is rather interesting.

In shaman's tent Sym-Ket' river Evenki shaman sings: "Shewons go very well, they work. Shewons travel to the kingdom of dead. Shewons circle over the kingdom of dead, now the change direction and turn towards land of light. Shewons are returning from death kingdom to the terrestrial world, they are rolling as wheels by the ground – the trace of the first shewon crosses the trace of the second shewon. Tracks of shewons on the ground the earth is covering with snow. By the ancient watercourse shaman's shewon is floating in the boat-tambourine towards the land of light. On banks along the river other shewons are going. Shewons are going to their place at the top of shaman's river. Shewons keep on going shaking upwards and downwards".