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Can Animal Rights and Vegetarianism (Veganism) Succeed Without Church Support?
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Comments by Maynard S. Clark - 8 June 2002

This is excellent, Frank.

The implied question which you didn't express is WHY ARA's [animal rights activists] insist on being secular.

IMO [in my opinion] there are several reasons:

(1) They don't believe in religious reality (or the wisdom of any religion)

(2) They disagree with the explicit teachings of a particular religion

(3) They see potential harm in empowering ALL religions (e.g. Santeria and animal-sacrifice cults)

(4) They DO BELIEVE in the legitimacy of the secular and scientific reasons for vegetarianism and don't want to water down THAT message in favor of supporting or appearing to endorse a controversial religion or religious cult (that includes worship, celebration, prayer and spiritual exercises, etc., even if some medical benefits could be shown for any or all of these practices).


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