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Five Year Old Boy Kills Bear

5-year old shoots bear; CNN CELEBRATES


5-Year Old child shoots Bear


This appalling, unbelievable video is about a sweet, innocent looking 5-year old child who brutally murdered a black bear in cold blood for a nothing more than a trophy; and his friends, family; even all the news media just praises and pets him and celebrates what he did to that poor innocent creature as if he's set up a darn lemonade stand for cancer research donation money or something... Unbelievably, they said nothing the least bit critical of a child whose parents claimed taught him to use deadly weapons at the age of 2! Can you believe that blonde news woman standing over the child patting him on the back as he stood on that beautiful bear's ruined, desecrated remains? All lighthearted smiles, like they were at some sort of freaking bake sale... What in God's name has happened to humanity?

I won't blame the child; for I know he doesn't know what he did and he certainly doesn't realize what he did was wrong; the damage has already been done to his mind forever I fear. But that bear he murdered and desecrated was a breathing, thinking, living animal with feelings and emotions astonishing intelligence we do not even yet understand the capacity of... slain, left to rot in the field with little more than his epidermis taken away to be tread upon, denigrated and defiled as a symbol of man's complete domination and rape of nature...

If that child had killed a poodle the news report would have taken on dire condemning nature seeking harsh punishment for the child and especially his parents, but since it was just a worthless bear, a pathetic, useless, dangerous animal whose only worth is a rug, some lousy meat or a brief thrill a hunter gets from killing it, that child deserves a pat on the back and 15 minutes of news media fame.

I sit shocked and sickened to the core that this sort of thing is shown on public airwaves and that we are such a society that people would find this sort of thing.... cute? an impressive achievement? attaboy? kill that big bad bear? How incredibly stupid, ignorant, heartless and barbaric is our society??

Please, if you're a civil, modern decent human being who is appalled by the nature and mentality of this news story take a few minutes to write about this to give your thoughts on it ...

We have to fight and counter this wicked propaganda! we cannot stand for this evil, heartless primitive mindset that this news story attempts to bring out in Americans, if rational civilized humanity ever has any hope! This news story and the lighthearted 'attaboy' message it gives to praising children who slaughter these magnificent animals for fun is a slap in the face to everything we animal advocates stand for and a stab in the gut to anyone who has the least bit of sympathy for animals. If you have time to read this email you have time to write an essay in protest to the news media propagating the bear hunting "davy crockett" mentality.

Write to CNN and KATV telling them you will not watch a news network that propagates and celebrates such despicable sub-human bottom-feeding values.

According to the CNN site with the video,

...this despicable news report video is originally from KATV Channel 7 in Arkansas, and the reporter covering it is Heather Crawford. We should search her out and majorly come down on her and their whole channel. Here is their site:

Arkansas Channel 7 KATV:


By Mail
Box 77
Little Rock, AR 72203

By Phone
Voice: (501) 324-7777

News Department
Main: (501) 324-7760
Phone in a news tip!

KATV Contact Page:

...but CNN is also responsible for featuring this story, here is their contact page for feedback:

...send your outrage to whatever department/address on their site seems appropriate, I sent shit all over the place; I want them to get the message I'm pissed!

Forward this message with these contacts out to some of your friends if you can!

Original News Article
December 10, 2007
Arkansas Channel 7 KATV

An Arkansas County boy killed a black bear Sunday weighing more than 400 pounds.

(Tre Merritt, Five-year-old Hunter) "I was up in the stand and I seen the bear. It came from the thicket and it was beside the road and I shot it."

Tre Merritt's grandfather was in the stand with him at the time. He says Tre did it all by himself.

(Mike Merritt, Tre’s Grandfather) "He came in about 40 to 50 yards, and when he got in the open. I whistled at him and he stopped and I said, ‘Shoot Tre.’"

And that’s just what Tre did--he fired his youth rifle.

(Mike Merritt) "I said, ‘Tre, you missed the bear.’ He said, ‘Paw-paw I squeezed the trigger and I didn’t close my eyes. I killed him."’

The bear turned out to be 445 pounds--twelve-times the size of Tre. Mike Merritt said tears rolled down his cheeks when he found out his grandson killed the enormous bear.

(Mike Merritt) "His 10th great-grandfather was Davy Crockett. And Davy supposedly killed him a bear when he was three. And Tre is five and really killed a bear. I really doubt if Davy killed one when he was three."

Tre’s dad says he started teaching his son to shoot when he was just 2 ˝ years old. Last year, Tre killed three deer.

The family plans to get a life-sized mount of the bear, but they’re not sure right now where they’ll put it.


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