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Animals in Heaven – 2

Animals in Heaven – 2 When reading the Bible, we need to remember that the Bible was written for the benefit of us human beings, but within the message to us there is ample evidence that animals will be in heaven, just as humans are. Let’s begin with what Paul wrote to the Corinthians in […]

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No Golden Rule

No Golden Rule Two days ago we talked about the golden rule, and how God wants us to live, but unfortunately there is no golden rule being applied in most cases. A case in point… A few days ago Doris wrote to us and briefly expressed her innermost troubled feelings. She said in part: “I […]

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Good News for Animals

Good News for Animals We work in the face of the torturous suffering and death of more than 50 billion land animals and even more sea animals every year, and many of us are working to end the greed and corruption that causes all the exploitation, and the lack of empathy that allows these atrocities […]

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