Melha Shrine Circus Protest
4/28, Big E (W. Springfield), 5-6:30

The Melha Shrine Circus is not what we are protesting, but rather the use of animals in their circus. We support the wonderful work that the Shriners do, but unfortunately it is necessary to protest this fundraiser. We must make people realize that animals are not needed in the circus, and how they are mistreated.

*Signs and literature will be provided!

WHAT: Protest against Melha Shrine Circus

WHERE: The Big E (Eastern States Exposition);

WHEN: Thursday, April 28th, 5:00-6:30pm

WHY: The Hamid Circus Co. is leasing animals (elephants, tigers, etc.) to the Melha Shrine Circus this year, and they have numerous AWA violations (see, We must speak for the animals...if enough people complain and stop attending, the Shriners will stop using animals in their circus.

Please send complaints to the Melha Shriners and their sponsors:
( -
Melha Shriners,
133 Longhill Street,
Springfield, MA 01108
[email protected] 

Hope to see you there!!!

(413) 374-1921


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