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Two important Announcements for all Members of Catholic Concern for Animals

1. Change of name of the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare

At the 2003 AGM, and in a postal ballot, the members overwhelmingly decided to change the name of the society to: Catholic Concern for Animals. This is how it will be known from now on, although for some time we shall refer to the former name also.

2. Association of Christian Animal Welfare Societies

At the 2003 AGM it was agreed that we should form the Association of Christian Animal Welfare Societies (ACAWS), to do everything together that we can while still maintaining our own identity. The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA), and Quaker Concern for Animals (QCA) - the two largest Christian animal welfare societies after the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare - have both agreed to join with us. It is intended that these three major groups are to form the Core Membership of the Association, and that smaller Christian animal welfare societies world-wide shall be invited to join as Affiliate Members. The Association will be able to speak with a 'louder voice' than can individual societies, and will be able to organise joint activities such as the retreats, sharing space at fairs, conferences, etc, annual services, advertising and publicity, and a range of others. The slogan appearing on this year's Christmas cards expresses it well: 'Working Together to put Animals on the Agenda of the Christian Church'.

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