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Poetry from The Ark, No 184

The Test
By Janice A Turner

From his warm earth, to windy moor,
In russet colours for this 'sport'
A hunted creature, terrified -
This is the time he must decide
To learn the lessons taught.

The baying hounds and thudding hooves
And mocking bugle fill his ears;
No sound of pity in their fun
So he must gather speed and run
Or stop, to blood and cheers.

(For one so young it's hardly fair
To test this cub in cunning's art)
To distant cry of 'View, Halloo!'
He wonders whether he'll pull through
With fiercely beating heart.

In his warm earth a father sits -
Waits for his son who joined the fray
Being one pursued, his warning true -
Oh, will he know what he must do
To live another day?

~Janice A Turner

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