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From The Ark Number 185 Summer 2000:

Queen Victoria - a royal ally

The Queen hears and reads with horror of the sufferings which the brute creation often undergo from the thoughtlessness of the ignorant, and she fears also sometimes from experiments in the pursuit of science.

Letter to Lord Harrowby, 19 June 1874

There is however another subject on which the Queen feels most strongly, and that is this horrible, brutalising, unchristian-like vivisection.

That poor dumb animals should be kept alive as described in this trial [of Prof. David Ferrieron 17 November 1881] is revolting and horrible. This must be stopped. Monkeys and dogs - two of the most intelligent amongst these poor animals who cannot complain ... Dogs, ‘man’s best friend’, possessed of more than instinct, to be treated in this fearful way is awful. She directs Sir William Harcourt’s attention most strongly to it.

It must really not be permitted. It is a disgrace to a civilised country.

Letter to Sir William Harcourt, then Home Secretary, published in Life of Sir William Harcourt.

The Queen has done all she could on the dreadful subject of vivisection, and hopes that Mr Gladstone will speak strongly against a practice which is a disgrace to humanity and Christianity.

Letter to Mr Gladstone, 1881

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