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The Ark No. 188 Summer 2001

Table of Contents



Oxen at Prayer - Edward P Echlin
In Justice to Animals - Ray Racy
A Brief History of British Animal Welfare - Giles Legood
The Origins of the CSCAW: (1)The Role of The Tablet - Deborah Jones
Alaska's Shameful Dog Race - Jon Saraceno
Animal Intelligence - Karen Dawn
Report Update: Donkeys in the Holy Land - Simon Daniels
Hare-Coursing 'Celebration' - Moira Walshe
An Appeal for Rational Campaigning - Mary Midgley
The Rights' View - Tom Regan
The Ark Goes into Cyberspace - Deborah Jones
Another Ark Afloat! - Deborah Jones
A Lone Tabby's Travels in Arctic Norway - Jessica Fusniak

Items of Interest

Special Ark Service
New Book Lending Service
Other Faiths and Animals:(1) Hinduism
Home Office Consultation
Motoring - an Animal Welfare Issue
Best Coverage of the Foot and Mouth Crisis?
Members' Notice Board
DLRM advertisement in the Daily Mail

Recommended Books

Coetzee, JM: The Lives of Animals
Hursthouse, R: Ethics, Humans and Other Animals
Greek, CR & JS: Sacred Cows and Golden Geese


A Processional of Creation - Christina G Rosetti
Creation - Martin Shaw
To The Nightingale - William Drummand
Intrusion - Martin Shaw
Manifesto - Robert Henderson

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