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From The Ark Number 189 - Winter 2001

Foot and Mouth

Why? Oh why have I been born to die?

My ancestors for centuries gone by have

Roamed and grazed these fields and glens

The cries of the curlews, and the tinkling

Of the silver water in the burns was music to

Their ears.

The cries of terror they would hear were

Human: Covenanters, and Levellers.

All I want – it is not much –

Is to suckle my mother, feel her warm tongue

Lick my face, chase my brothers and sisters.

This will never be –

For today my death warrant has been signed

By the man from the Ministry.

Consolation – if it be – mother, father, brother,

Sister, together on the funeral pyre, will die.


Reproduced courtesy of he Dumfries & Galloway Standard

First published March 16, 2001

[Sent in by Ark member Stephen Laidlaw of Edinburgh]

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