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From The Ark - Number 190 - Spring 2002

India Project for Animals and Nature

India Project for Animals and Nature (IPAN) puts the spirituality and ethics of reverence for all life into action, operating Hill View Farm Animal Refuge, a home for over 200 abandoned, abused and injured animals (including a herd of over 100 donkeys and a pack of 40 dogs) in the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, S. India.  It is directed by Deanna Krantz, and is a division of Global Communications for Conservation, Inc., a nonprofit organisation.

IPAN’s Animal Refuge, established in 1996, is in the heart of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, and boasts India’s largest remaining wild elephant population, a haven for the endangered tiger, panther, guar, Langur monkey, as well as to an incredible diversity of other flora and fauna, especially birds.  Because of its unique biological and cultural diversity, UNESCO has declared the region one of the world’s most precious Global Biosphere Reserves.

IPAN’s dedicated staff provides veterinary services to surrounding villages and remote tribal settlements, treating sick and injured animals vital to the subsistence economy of the rural poor; operates a 24-hour emergency service and mobile clinic for any and all animals in need; runs spay/neuter and vaccination programs and humane education through everyday in-field example and instruction; assists in wildlife care and conservation and environmental protection.

Our effort to keep the domestic animal population healthy, combined with a cattle population reduction program, means better public health and wildlife conservation.  IPAN demonstrates how animal suffering can be alleviated by the spiritual and physical dimensions of healing that entail compassionate action, linking Animalcare with Peoplecare and Earthcare.

IPAN enjoys strong community support working with village leaders, tribal elders, and government officials.  With these people, and others, IPAN has had a major impact on the mass roundup and indiscriminate killing of dogs; the horrific cattle death-march to slaughter; illegal and inhumane transport of animals; cruel and barbaric treatment of wildlife in captivity; and the illegal wounding and killing of those in the wild, as well as the demise of their habitat.

IPAN is always in need of donations (please make checks payable to ‘GCC/IPAN’) and visitors and volunteers are welcome at our Refuge to commune with the animals in the heart of the jungle.

l For more information contact:

IPAN, 4912 Sherier Place NW, Washington, DC 20016.

Telephone: (001) 202-966-6019. Fax: (001) 202-966-2079.

l Visit the website:  and click on IPAN.

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