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From The Ark - Number 190 - Spring 2002

Table of Contents



Learning from Job - Fr Fergus Kerr OP
The Pope & the Homeless Cat: John Paul II had a dream - Rev JR Hyland
The Empathosphere - Dr Michael W Fox
Bonding - Rev David Sox
Creatures Great & Small - JD Carpentieri
Blessing the Animals Professor - John Berkman
Croatia’s Treatment of Animals - Alexander Yurkiw
True Heroes - Maru Vigo
Singapore’s Noah’s Ark - in Malaysia -  Diana Lord
Louisa and Mickey - Gwen Ware
Does Meat Consumption Corrupt the Eucharist? - Anthony Neesham
Lucy’s Donkeys  - Felicity Moore
Animal Welfare in Russia - James Hogan

Items of Interest

The Breath of Life (Jewish Prayer)
India Project for Animals and Nature
Services for Animals
The Shame of Spain
Debating Point: Was Jesus a Vegetarian? Replies
Help with the Loss of an Animal Companion
Korea: world cup venue

Book Reviews

Kindred Spirits, by Dr Allen Schoen - Alice Shore
The Bible According to Noah, by Gary Kowalski - Nathan Brown


In the Garden - Emily Dickinson
View from an English Hill, 2001 - G & D Jones
Loving Shepherd of Creation (Hymn) - Linda Bodicoat
God made Them All - Sheila Brennan
I Wanted Only You - Anon

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