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From The Ark Number 194 - Summer 2003

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Jesus, the Church, and the Animals - Edward Echlin

Causing Animals Needless Suffering - Marie Hendrickx

An Interview with Matthew Scully - Kathryn Jean Lopez

Animals and the Kingdom of Heaven - Sean Connolly

Evelyn Underhill’s Reply to Lewis

An Open Letter to the Bishops - Andrew Linzey

Killing for the Church

Brandy Birds - Edna Edwards

Safari - David Sox

Kimo’s Story - Lasha Morningstar

Focus on Spain:

1. The Dark Side of Spain - Diana Lord

2. The Donkey with No Name - Tony Moore

3. The Real Problem of the Galgos M.S. - Garcia Santos

4. Stay Home and Enjoy a Taste of Spain - Roger McDermott

The Hilltop Animal Haven - Sarah Chalkley

Items of interest

Dates for Your Diary

Prayers for Animals

A Hungarian ‘Puss in Boots’

Update: Shanti & Mathura’s House, Delhi

Members’ Notice Board

From Your Membership Secretary, Ann Bates

Ark Fun Crossword

Prize Recipe Competition

Obituaries and Fond Memories of Animal Companions

Book Reviews

Dominion, by Matthew Scully

Living with urban Wildlife, by John Bryant

Animal Sanctuary, by John Bryant

In the Shadow of Mahatma Gandhi, by Joan Court


The Voice of the Voiceless Ella Wheeler Wilcox

All Nature Sings J. Robert Jacobsen

‘I Dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls’ Beda Herbert

To A Dog Anon

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