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Selections From The Ark Number 199 - Spring 2005



The psalms’ view of God’s love for all his creatures - John Eaton

Wild nature and God - Susan Power Bratton

Agnes Grey - Ann Bronte

Bishop Baker on vivisection - John A Baker

Letter to a youth leader - Norm Phelps

Factory farm meat not on menu for feast of St Francis - Matthew Scully

The ABC’s of doggie English - Dennis Oliver

The Brooke Hospital - Lynne Nesbit

Fishing: the end of the line - Diana Lord

Items of interest

Chesterton on Chaucer’s Prioress

Ecumenical service, Westminster

Animal Blessing Services

Save Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land: Update

M.O.D. fits ‘Dolphin Death’ sonar

Animal-friendly travel charter initiative launched

Animal welfare in Japan

Recycled computers for charities (and others)

Wickham labs demonstration 2004

Letter from Spain

Help needed for good causes

CCA in the United States of America

Highlights from the CCA AGM 2004 & Accounts 2003-2004

Crossword No.5 and Solutions to No.4

From the Membership Secretary


Book Reviews

Doctor Dolittle’s delusions, by Stephen R. Anderson

Angel Cats, by Linda and Allen Anderson

Reports from CIWF Trust, and other brief notices


The Puzzled Game-Birds - Thomas Hardy

In Cineam - Sir John Davies

The Turkish Trench Dog - Geoffrey Dearmer

The Blinded Bird - Thomas Hardy

Dog - Harold Munro

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