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Selections From The Ark Number 200 - Summer 2005


As prayer is a vital activity in our lives of faith, CCA committee member Irene Casey has put together some suggestions for prayers to be said every Wednesday evening at 9.30 by as many people as possible, alone or in groups, knowing that others around the world are doing the same.

Please join us for a few minutes praying to Almighty God for the whole of his suffering creation

Suggested form of prayer

‘On the mountain height of Israel will I plant it,
that it may bring forth boughs and bear fruit,
and become a noble cedar;
and under it will dwell all kinds of beast;
in the shade of its branches birds of every sort will nest.’
(Ezek 17:23)

  • All beings pay you homage, those that think and those that cannot. The universal desire, the groaning of all creation, aspires towards you. Towards you all beings that can read your universe raise a hymn of silence. The movement of the universe surges towards you. Of all beings you are the goal, you who are beyond all things. (St Gregory of Nazianen, c.330-89)
  • Almighty God, we (come together to) thank you for the beauty and glory of your creation; to praise you for your holiness and grace; to acknowledge our responsibility to animals and for our use of the created world. But, first of all, we ask for your forgiveness because of our part in sins of thoughtlessness and cruelty towards animals.
  • Almighty God, you have given us temporary lordship of your beautiful creation. But we have misused our power, turning away from responsibility and marred your image in us. Forgive us, true lord, especially for our callousness and cruelty to animals.

Help us to follow the way of your Son, Jesus Christ, who expressed power in humility and lordship in loving service. Enable us, by your Spirit, to walk in newness of life, healing injury, avoiding wrong and making peace with all your creatures. God of everlasting love, who is eternally forgiving: pardon and restore us, and make us one with you in your new creation. Amen.

(Thanks to Andrew Linzey, Animal Rites: liturgies of animal care, London: SCM Press, 1999.)

Go tell all the creatures in the world, the Good News that I bring;
This was the message Jesus gave, and he is Lord and King.

Let’s tell it by the deeds we do; in ways they understand
Deal gently with the beasts and birds who share our Saviour’s land.

Protect his forests, heal the air, care for his shining sea,
Arrest our cruelty and greed, and set its victims free.

So shall our lives proclaim the One who sent a little child
To lead all things safe home, in Him, redeemed and reconciled

To where upon his holy hill, none hurt and none destroy
And all creation’s present groans are turned to songs of joy.

(Armorel Kay Walling)

‘St Francis of Assisi, St Philip Neri, St Martin de Porres, intercede for our petitions to the Almighty Father.’

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