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Selections From The Ark Number  205 - Spring 2007




Joint prize-winning essay (2) - Benjamin Platt
Animal-Insensitivity Syndrome - Michael W. Fox
Thank God It’s Sunday – a Dog’s Life - Joe Brincat
Noah’s Ark and Live Animal Exports - Dominic Walker
Of Sheep and the Lamb - Howard Law-Thompson
A Rabbi’s Close Encounter with Nature - Charles H. Middleburgh
Hernas Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia - David Sox
Street Dogs of Nepal - Bernie Wright

Items of interest

The Battery Hen Welfare Trust
Liverpool’s Boote Home for Cats
Some of the Animal Blessing services 2006
Ecumenical Animal Welfare Retreat 2007
New Animal Ethics Centre at Oxford
In Brief
Teacher of the Year
The 2006 Wickham Labs Demonstration
From the Contacts Co-ordinator Jennifer Pothecary
From the Membership Secretary Ann Bates
We welcome our new Hon. Treasurer Catherine Allen
2006 AGM, CCA and Accounts
Ark Fun Crossword no.12
From the Chairman CCA-USA Jan Fredericks
CCA-USA: Meet the Team!

Book Reviews

The Creation, by Edward O. Wilson Matthew Scully
How to Win Every Argument, by Madsen Pirie DMJ
Good Food Stories, by Tony Hodgson Edward P. Echlin
Psalms for Life, by John Eaton DMJ


Rainbow’s End - Kenyon E. Wright
The Donkey’s Tale - Gladys Mary Coles
To The World - Mary Webb
From ‘Queen Mab’ - Percy Bysshe Shelley
Still falls the Rain - Edith Sitwell

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