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Selections From The Ark Number 206 - Summer 2007

Editorial - From Deborah Jones

What makes Catholic Concern for Animals distinct from secular animal charities? What are we for? These are questions which constantly need to be addressed, especially when demands are made on us daily to save the world of animals. First, we exist because Godís creation is being abused and we want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Each of us probably belongs to and supports several other animal and environment organisations, maybe very actively, perhaps just morally and financially. But added to that, and central to many of us, is the fact that we are Christians, belonging to an ancient tradition with co-religionists in almost every country in the world.

Within this Church are millions of people who see no reason or need to concern themselves with the plight of animals or of the environment. CCA has as its primary task to reach these people, touching their hearts and consciences. We do not deal with animals directly, but through fellow-Christians who will, in turn, evangelise their neighbours Ė bringing to them all the good news that God loves not only each and every human being, but all living beings upon the earth. As Pope John Paul II told a gathering of Guides and Scouts:

The protection of creation, in fact, is a distinctive feature of Christian commitment in the world. Ö Where everything speaks of the Creator and his wisdom, from the majestic mountains to the enchanting, flower-strewn valleys, may you learn to contemplate Godís beauty.

For CCA, there is no separation between religion and the rest of life any more than there is a separation between kindness to people and kindness to animals. Again, as that holy Pope expressed:
[Christ] the firstborn of all creation unites himself in some way with the entire reality of man, which is flesh, and in this reality, with all flesh, with the whole creation.
(From: On the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church).

For CCA, there is no true religion that does not embrace all of Godís creation, and no true animal protection or environmentalism that does not acknowledge the one Creator of all.

 It is with sadness that we report the death of our previous President, Archbishop Emeritus of Cardiff, John Aloysius Ward, a Capuchin friar. Those who were active in CCA during his presidency, 1996-2000, note that he was most sympathetic and kindly in his dealings with them.

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