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Selections From The Ark Number 206 - Summer 2007

A Round-up of News from Romania

We didn’t imagine, on setting out on our hiking tour through Romania in 2001, that we would be led to found the US-registered charity Romania Animal Rescue (RAR) as a result We found the conditions of the animals we met, particularly the street dogs, so atrocious that we knew something had to be done to help them.

Galati, eastern Romania

RAR now works in the city of Galati, offering a free spay/neuter service to all dogs and cats in the city, as well as feeding the dogs at the city pound. We work with veterinarians who have been trained in pain-free procedures by organizations such as London’s Mayhew Animal Home and the Humane Society of the United States. Our goal is to humanely control the population of the homeless animals which are currently left to starve and suffer on the streets in every Romanian city, or are poisoned to control their numbers.

The oppressive dictatorship of Nicholae Ceaucescu is behind the unique situation in Romania. While in power, Ceaucescu tore down many farms and villages, forcing farmers to migrate to the cities to work in industrial factories. The housing provided by the government for these workers did not apply to their dogs – so the dogs were left on the streets to multiply. We are still dealing with the consequences of this programme which began in 1967. These animals are the victims of horrible circumstance – whose only fault is being born in Romania.

I hope you will choose to help Romania Animal Rescue or one of the other wonderful charities we have faith in that are working in cities such as Bucharest, Arad, and Cluj.

-Nancy Janes

Here are their stories:

Bucharest, suburb of the Popesti-Leordeni

Hi there! We are a Romanian Animal Protection Charity, set up by Roxana Macoviciuc and Carmen Milobendzchi in October 2002, specifically dedicated to promote care for animals and to develop a respect for all life. We are co-founders and volunteer managers. We have jobs: Carmen is an architect and Roxi an economist, and all our free time is dedicated to fulfil the association’s goals.

In May 2003 we began to build a shelter according to city planning regulations on an area of land near the Bucharest ring-road, in the Popesti-Leordeni suburbs. We managed to acquire all the technical recommendations and authorisations. Even though it is not yet built, through a lack of money, we have finished one large enclosure and three smaller ones, so we can accommodate about 200 dogs. They all are sterilised, deparasited, dewormed, and vaccinated, and are waiting to be rehomed. They are very socialised.

We are also building a cattery, and already have 70 cats, sterilised and awaiting adoption. We are running a ‘Trap-Neuter-Return’ (TNR) programme, for 500 dogs each year; also we take care of and vaccinate the dogs and cats of the suburb. For all these we need support. We are very grateful for the ones who have already helped us and we wish to continue together to finish and to maintain what we have started.

We hope that more people will see what we are doing and what we intend to realise, and we hope they’ll trust in us and will join our projects by helping as volunteers or offering financial support for the project to which they feel closest. In 2004 we signed a protocol with the Townhall of Popesti-Leordeni for TNR for cats and dogs. After two years they saw that we were making progress and asked us to co-operate with them in solving the problem of strays in the town. Now, for 2007, we decided to improve this programme with an educational one, so that one of our volunteers goes into schools and kindergartens to give illustrated talks on the welfare of companion animals.

Roxana Macoviciuc and Carmen Milobendzchi

Arad, western Romania

Animed Arad is the only animal welfare charity in Arad. The city has a population of 200,000, and most of them have at least a dog or a cat. Animed Arad offers free medical assistance and a spay/neuter service for stray and feral cats and dogs. We also assist animals with human companions on low incomes. So far we have rescued almost 1,000 animals, rehomed almost 600 and spayed/neutered almost 1,000 cats and dogs. We are about to build the first and only veterinary suite for stray animals in our county. Besides other conferences and training programmes I have attended throughout Europe and the USA, I have been trained by Dogs’ Trust (in Evesham and London) in 2004 and by The Mayhew Animal Home in March 2007 (in London). We have an entire list of respectable charities both in UK and USA which can provide a recommendation if needed.

Detailed records and information can be found on our website: [Editor’s note: this is a really great website – highly recommended!] Please contact me for any questions that you might have.

Claudiu Iosim,
Founder of Animed Arad.

Clui, north-west Romania

Cluj-Napoca used to have a fairly small number of strays, compared with other Romanian cities; unfortunately, the numbers lately seem to have gone up. At the moment Apppa Nuca has two on-going programmes: ‘I am not a stray’ – where we are trying to find temporary foster homes for strays, offering financial and medical assistance to people who agree to keep the animals until a proper adoption is finalised; and ‘Be humane’, a programme focusing on putting a stop to the violence and maltreatment of animals. We will be launching a major publicity campaign to spay/neuter/adopt strays and a mass sterilisation procedure for strays and pets. Also, we are trying to get the city’s authorities to turn the pound into a civilised shelter and to help them advertise it as the first place to turn to when you’re willing to adopt an animal.


Contacting RAR:
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
8000 Morgan Territory Rd,
Livermore, CA 94550, USA
tel: (001)9256725908
US charity number: 72-1546354

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