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Selections From The Ark Number 208 - Spring 2008




Two Pictures of St Francis of Assisi - Ilia Delio OSF; Murray Brodo
The Bible and Animals - Lewis Regenstein
A Franciscan Friar Talks of Animals - Nazareno Fabbretti OFM Animals and Slavery - Dominic Walker
Calling on the Saints - Jennifer Pothecary
A Religious Proclamation, Unveiled - Kris Haley
Birds and Beasts Behind Bars - A Prisoner

Items of interest

Animal Blessing Services: - Florida, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire, East Sussex, Devon, and Arundel Cathedral with Address
Latest News
Important Websites
Kimba Refuge
CCA 2007 AGM: Talk - Ann Widdecombe MP


Phyllis Mary Trust Donations: Pit Pony Sanctuary;
The Animal House (Jamaica); Animals At Risk;
Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary
Lenten Observance
Horses in Transit
Ark Fun Crossword no.15 and Solutions to no.14
Letter from the Chairman CCA-USA - Jan Fredericks
Letter from the Membership Secretary - Ann Bates
We Were at Greenbelt - Deborah Jones
Obituaries: Jane Higgens, Regina Hyland, Neil Lea, Hans Ruesch

Book Reviews

The Immortality of Animals, by Ed Buckner. Janis Nedelec
Live Simply, by Edward Echlin. Laura Deacon
The Word of Wisdom, by Shelagh Ranger. DMJ
Animals of the Bible from A to Z, by Alice Camille. Bobbie Anderson 


The Compost Makers - Ennias Michello
Shock Tactics - Anthony Hofler
Hymn: We are Stewards of this Earth - Wanda Oberman
Ode to the Lovely Pig - Gerry Balcombe
‘All Shall be Well ...’ - Queenie Coe
The Happiness of Animals - William Cowper
From The Worm - Thomas Gisborne

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