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Selections From The Ark Number 208 - Spring 2008


Would to God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, Numbers 11: 29.

This provocative verse precedes William Blake’s stirring anthem ‘Jerusalem’, and could be taken as our theme. For were all Christians worldwide to raise their voices about the abuses to God’s non-human creatures, we may well be building the new Jerusalem. If they do not, to what can the inhabitants of this planet look forward? For how can justice and peace prevail when cruelty, indifference and ignorance persists? With the destruction of millions of species of animals and plants forecast as a result of climate change, much of it human-induced or human-accelerated, how can anyone remain in climate-change denial? Alongside campaigns for animal welfare and support for those heroic rescuers of abused creatures must go active concern for the future of this fragile earth—and all that lives upon it. That means that we are more than just tender-hearted, we are also hard-headed: prepared to examine our way of life to see that it is not wasteful of the precious carbon that goes towards making so many goods and that fuels so much of our transport. If it seems tiresome to recycle and cut out luxuries, to use public transport over private, to avoid buying imports, and to get a grip on our ‘carbon footprint’, think of the animals (millions of them, and even millions of species) which will benefit by less extreme or fewer weather crises in the future.

We congratulate the American organization ‘Best Friends’ for organizing and motivating political and religious leaders to sign a Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion. It may appear overly bland and moderate – hardly blood stirring! – but as a first step, it is better than nothing; or is it?

Do write in on this (or any other matter), marking your envelope ‘Letter to the Editor’. Perhaps we should circulate it around our bishops and other religious leaders for their support? Even ask the Vatican to endorse it?

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