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Selections From The Ark Number 208 - Spring 2008


A friend of mine assumed that I’d be int’rested to see
How big a Texan alligator can turn out to be.
The evidence she sent me was a shocking sight because
It showed an alligator with a deer held in its jaws.
Another awful photograph was sent to me; this time
Of an alligator hanging (being punished for its ‘crime’?).
I realise that they can’t be blamed, and that we should forgive
The animals for killing, because that is how they live,
But being a sentimentalist I do not want my path
To bring me face to face with it, or with its aftermath.
It doesn’t bother everyone, and some film-makers will
Take enormous time and trouble so that they can catch a kill.
The Bible prophesies somewhere that ‘lion will lie with lamb’ -
An image which delights the type of person that I am.
Killing is a horror, not a way to entertain
(I remember something after the Katrina hurricane:
Cats and dogs curled up together safely in a car.
Folks like me want more of that, ‘softies’ that we are.)
This tale provides a background for some free advice. Beware!
When campaigning against cruelty, be sure that you take care
To avoid the use of images (in whatever form)
Which cause distress or give offence instead of just inform.
English law forbids it, and the consequence for you
Could outweigh the good which your imprudent strategy
might do.

Anthony Hofler

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