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Selections From The Ark Number 209 - Summer 2008

Letter from the chairman CCA-USA GREETINGS   
From Jan Fredericks

The Holy Spirit is always working, gently guiding us to live more peaceful, compassionate lives. I’ve recently learned about many Christian saints who wanted to live non-violent lives by extending God’s compassion to all of God’s creatures, even before the word ‘vegetarianism’ came to be. It comforts me to know that such saints would not eat animal flesh. Some of those saints whose feast days are approaching are: St Catherine of Siena, St Boniface of Tarsus, St Rita of Cascia, St Philip Neri, St Clare of Assisi, St Jerome and St Robert Bellarmine. The information is from the book of Dr Holly Roberts, Vegetarian Christian Saints,* which has recorded the lives of 150 compassionate saints. Dr Roberts, a physician, was inspired to research the lives of 3,000 saints by a university where she did her theological studies. She showed there our DVD ‘Christian Concern For All God’s Creatures’ and gave out our leaflets. The spiritual wisdom of these saints as well as Dr Roberts’ wisdom and devotion to uncover the hearts and minds of these wonderful servants’ stewardship encourages us to follow Jesus’ radical and compassionate lifestyle. Everyone’s faith

With the recent and almost forgotten beef recall (triggered from the HSUS undercover footage of ‘spent’ dairy cows), health concerns were raised and the public got to see a tip of the iceberg of the truth. There is more than what the USDA wants us to know. This animal abuse is common – it only became public because of health concerns. My local diocesan paper printed most of my letter saying, ‘Being told that no-one has gotten sick yet is not comforting. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (from eating infected beef) has an incubation period, before showing symptoms, of years or even decades from ingestion. Church leaders, politicians and the media, who truly care, should be letting the public know the truth.’ Compassion for animals should not be only by ‘animal lovers’ or those who are ‘radical’ in their faith, it should be part of everyone’s walk with God. God has compassion on every creature, as stated in Psalm 145:9, and gave compassionate laws in the Old Testament for animals, including cattle. One of my favorite verses is Hebrews 4:13 saying that we will be held accountable for every creature.

There are many Catholics, and members of CCA-USA, who are helping, among others, elephants and tigers confined and daily beaten in circuses; bulls tortured in bullfights and in Catholic fiestas; hens in battery cages (one victory, thanks to Peta’s persistance – Mepkin Abbey is closing their egg-laying facility, where hens never had the chance to walk. Hurrah!); pigs suffering in factory farms; the trapping and ‘farming’ of fur-bearing animals; dogs and cats who need help; animals in research labs; and many other animals, fulfilling the admonition to ‘let everything that has breath praise the Lord’ (Psalm 150:6).

Some CCA-USA news

Veterinary Charity Fund
We’ve helped many people recently with $1,150.00 from our Veterinary Charity Fund. We only have $5.00 in it presently. Before dispersing funds, I verify the need and the veterinary clinics/hospitals. Individuals and rescue groups in need are so appreciative for any help they get from us. Many say that their prayers were answered and feel that God does care for His creatures. Many are disabled people whose only friend, giving them unconditional love, is their companion animal. They often cannot afford to visit vets, or even pay for special food. Our vet fund desperately needs funds. Ways to help raise funds are:

a) Churches can take up a collection especially around the feast of St Francis, or any other saint’s feast day, which we will post on our website soon;

b) Schools and religious education classes can make a project to raise money for the vet charity fund, and/or

c) Ministries, such as Justice and Peace, can help raise funds while bringing more attention to other animal issues. The National Catholic Rural Life Conference ties together justice for people with ethical eating. They have leaflets available from their website.

d) Another way to help raise funds is to have a sponsored Furry Friend Walk (which God’s Creatures Ministry does every year). All you need are a few people willing to participate, and a public place, such as a park, to walk, jog, roller-blade, skateboard, etc. for a couple of miles. Forms can be sent to you a month before the event for registrants and sponsors. It’s quite easy to do and everyone has a good time for a good cause!

Christian Concern For All God’s Creatures on-line
Why not share the ‘Christian Concern For All God’s Creatures’ video which can now be viewed and commented on on-line. ‘Meet’ Deborah Jones, Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman, a message from the late Evangelical minister and author, Rev. J.R. Hyland, Stephen Kaufman, MD, and author Judy Carman. Another on-line video that is great for environmental advocates from a Jewish perspective is ‘A Sacred Duty’. It ties in environmental issues with farm animals’ lives, which are part of the environmental deterioration.

Best Friends Animal Society
Another way to spread compassion for animals is to get involved with Best Friends Animal Society. The Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion is still in need of signatures (see the last issue of The Ark). Best Friends will soon have materials to reach out to Churches. Please visit Best Friends Animals and Religion Network on-line to view the proclamation and sign if you haven’t already, and pass it on! While you are there, visit the News section and see the many articles. One is of our Deacon Joe Dwyer who leads a prayer meeting to pray for all animals including personal prayer requests. Here in NJ, he has prayed for deer and ferrets at various events.

Read-a-thon for children on animal theme
The ASPCA is having a ‘read-a-thon’ for children to learn about elephants in circuses. It is being held from now until December 2008. Not only is it educational and promotes good reading skills, but proceeds from sponsors can go to the charity of your choice. Perhaps teachers and others can set up a similar project.

Details about the ASPCA read-a-thon are at: Please also check our website periodically for new items to help spread this holy movement of compassion for all of God’s creatures. There are lots of animal books for children. Also for adults there is Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals, by Karen Dawn. Harper ppbs, ISBN 0061351857, 2008, $19.95.

Membership renewals.
Please send in your membership renewal if overdue. Those who have joined before 2005, please send in a note about when you’ve joined and how long it was for (lifetime or for a year). Copies of The Ark may be automatically discontinued to members who have not renewed for some time. Also, I ask again, please consider raising money in your parish for CCA-USA’s Veterinary Charity Fund which helps people with veterinary bills (we screen all who inquire and they are so happy to receive help from us). Contact Jan:  or 973-694-5155.

*Vegetarian Christian Saints: mystics, ascetics and monks, by Holly H. Roberts. Anjeli Press, ISBN 0975484400, 2004, $20

Best wishes, Jan Fredericks


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